Thursday, December 30, 2004

What is this? My 50th post today? Do I get a prize for that?

I'm losing my mind. The stomach thing has gotten worse with it's spiky behavior (at least it's mellow right now...), and now I have a headache as well. But I'm afraid to take Advil, as I don't want to piss the stomach off more than it already is. Sheesh!

On top of that, work is exploding. I finally heard from the co-worker that tends to roll in late, and found out that she forgot that our other co-worker (her assistant) is out of the office today and tomorrow, and she'd left her a voice mail this morning explaining her absence from the office. So she calls in, and I tell her that the Old Boss is home sick this morning (he said he had a bad night last night. The guy has cysts on his liver and stomach that can't be removed, and they got bigger over the last month, which is no good...), and she tells me what's going on to maybe be making the cyst thing worse (HR stuff that I can't go into, but it sucks. Big time.), and my stomach pains start to spike when I hear that (and apparently when I think about it, as they are going nuts right now...), so now I know that stress makes the stomach thing worse, too. Goodie.

I want to quit my job right this minute. On principle. Which is not a good reason to quit a job, really. Well, unless it's a really, really shitty job (which this is not, overall), and you're directly effected by the issues at hand, which is sorta true in this case for me, but not so much from a different perspective.

See, I've worked with the Old Boss for 3 years now. He's the man that hired me. I love him like he's an extended part of the family, and I think he's a great guy who cares a lot about the company and it's success. He's been royally shafted by said company, IMO, over the past few months, it's obviously taken it's toll on him, and it's so very hard to watch happen! I can't stand for it any more. But I have to!! I wish I could say to the New Boss (who I also respect in a lot of ways, but I also have issue with many of the things he's doing right now in this transition period we're dealing with...) that I think the things he's allowing to happen are despicable, and that due to the fact that Old Boss is being treated the way he is, I simply need to speak up and say that it's not right. We wanted to fire a manager in one of the branches, and that got reversed (some say it's because the New Boss and the Manager We Wanted to Fire are good buddies, but I digress...), and then New Boss is allowing Manager We Wanted to Fire to hire their goddammed SPOUSE to work under them in their office. Which is totally not cool. Not at all. This person is a snake, and so is their spouse. Then we had another manager we wanted to demote, because said manager is an outright IDIOT, and is giving faulty info to their new employees, and retains little information that is passed on to them about policy and procedure, and is generally very frustrating to work with, and clearly cannot remain in a management position. So we didn't fire this manager, but rather we asked them to step down. And that was two weeks ago. Yesterday, HR tells us that we can't do that. And we hear that New Boss is sort of not caring about it much, and would be fine with this manager staying in the current position of manager forever, for all he cares. Um, even I have numerous e-mails I can provide to both New Boss and HR to show just how mentally challenged this manager is, and why it is they should be asked to step down. There are 4 of us who could provide several different forms of documentation. The company is worried they could be sued? Well, guess what? If this person stays in their position, it will damage the company. This person will continue to recruit, teach poor methods of how to perform business-wise, drive me to madness with their continuing/unending stupidity, and now my stomach is hurting again, dammit...

Anyway, I'm in a bad spot. And I'm tired of it. I have a call in to the trusted bro-in-law that I used to work for, so I can ask his advice on what he'd do/advise me to do in this case. I don't think I can just stand by and watch it any more. It's literally hurting my Old Boss, and it's starting to hurt me, even. Man, can I just watch some football now, yo?

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