Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A 2-hour program with 1 hour's worth of commercials = a 1 hour goddam program

Ok, American Idol last night? I don't think I've laughed that hard since I saw Anchorman. Jeezy Chreezy...

During the marathon commercials in between segments of the show, I did laundry, my nails, and read a little bit of that new book I told y'all about yesterday. I successfully got through 3 chapters without throwing it! Also, it kind of makes sense to me now. While it does seem a bit on the sitting back and doing nothing, let the man do all the chasing side of things, the chick who co-wrote the book gives some good insight into how the advice from her male counter-part/co-author rings true with her, and her experiences kind of mirror mine, I've noticed. So I'm giving a good go of reading it now, hoping I can at least learn a couple of tips from it here and there. I'll report back on whether it turns to total crap or not...

Ok, now back to American Idol. That Mary chick? At the end? The one they saved for last, it seemed? Oh. My. God. She was absolute, beyond anything else I've ever seen, BATSHIT with a capital B. What I can't help but still wonder about is the friends that she said have told her that she sings well. Um, do they actually exist? Or are they the "friends" that are inside of her? Because if she has friends that have told her she sings well, they are either retarded and have no concept of what real singing is, or they are fucking with her, and someone needs to beat their asses to a pulp for treating someone like that, convincing them that they have talent that doesn't even come close to existing. Holy shit.

Oh, but at least she can fall back on her pursuit of a career in beauty. You know, because her fashion sense is clearly so prevalent. What with that cool hair-do, and the fabulous make-up, as well as the super-cool outfit she'd chosen for herself. Heh. I think when she was walking out of the hotel, she actually walked a certain way to try to dislodge the pants from her pussy. My co-worker thought she was walking that way to get them out of her ass, but during her "performance", they were clearly riding up the front worse than they were in the back. That was stright-up gross, yo.

There were so many others that were just as entertaining in my book. The chick who works as a scientist, or whatever, studying the West Nile Virus? Um...what was that "singing" she was doing? Was it a special form of Enya-inspired yodelling, or something? She was very sweet, though. Creepy, but sweet. And then there was super-spazzy girl..."I'm CRAZY!!" She was pretty and all, and I even think she'd probably win a kareoke contest if she entered one (as long as she ended it with flashing her tits to the crowd), but she was, indeed, crazy. Which was fun to watch.

It was a good night to stay in and watch t.v., IMO. Tonight is kind of messy. My bartender friend wants to go to this bar waaaaay out on the west side of town, which I'd be up for if I weren't her ride, and everything. Not that it's a problem, but I hate being tied to a place by someone that I'm giving a ride to, you know? Anyway, I do want to head out to watch the KU game, but I'm not really in the mood to head that far out, is all. We'll see what happens. I really just wanna go to the Moose...

So, have a good Wednesday, everyone. If you didn't watch American Idol last night, do yourself a fave, and try to watch it tonight, or at least one of the nights they're showing the audition thingies. Because they really, really are so very funny. Never fails to amaze me that 100,000 people will show up at something like that, and it turns out that 99,925 of them have no idea that they can't sing worth shit. Afuckingmazing, really.

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