Friday, January 28, 2005

I think I must be back in the mood...

I'm feeling like sharing. So I must be back to normal. See, all it takes is a week or so for me to readjust sometimes. That's not too bad, right?

I put up a post last night before I left work, in fact, but the Proxy Server bullshit message popped up, and wouldn't let me re-connect. So I lost it. Oh well.

Dickhead is moving to Cali on Sunday. I've been trying not to think about it too much, and it's been working out, for the most part. Keeping myself busy, etc, etc...But last Saturday, I called him just to see how the packing and painting and all that good stuff was going. He was very short with me on the phone, and I wound up getting pissed at him. I mean, not only had he not made an effort to get together with me at all for over a week, but I knew he would have shit going on with his other friends (who don't like me, for some reason, and therefor do not invite me to get involved...) this weekend, and it was looking like the last little jaunt I had with him a couple of weeks ago was going to be the last time I saw him. Which wasn't enough for me, honestly. So I told him that I was pissed that we weren't getting together at all before he plans on leaving and he said, "Well, you haven't asked me to!" And I said, "WHY do I have to ask all the time? Why don't you ask me? Since you haven't made any effort to do so, I'll assume you just would rather not see me. So have a good trip, and keep in touch. Bye!" And we hung up. He hadn't called me all week, but he left me a message at home and on my cell while I was at the Moose last night. So I called him back. He wanted to see me. So he came over, and everything is good now. Except that for some reason, we didn't have sex. Which was weird. But we did other stuff, so we were both quite happy. (That TMI post I put up a couple weeks ago? Yeah, I tried that on him. Went quite well, actually...I was surprised...he said I was brave for giving it a chance. :) And we talked, and we hugged and cuddled. It was nice. After he walked out my front door, and I'd closed it behind him, I realized I hadn't told him I was going to miss him, so I opened the door again and said, "I'm going to miss you Andrew..." He stopped, and looked back at me and said he'd miss me, too. It's just going to be so weird without him here.

And so right now, I'm eating a taboo giant blueberry muffin from the deli downstairs, have a great big Diet Coke, and am trying to figure out what work remains this week that I must work on. Not much, thank goodness. I want the weekend to start now. My friend Rich is coming over tomorrow to help me take my Christmas lights down, and then I'll probably hang out at the Moose in the afternoon, and then figure out a place to watch the KU game tomorrow night (it's not until 8! WTF? Last week it's on at 11 freaking a.m., and this week, it's the polar opposite. Not a big deal for me, because I like being up/out late on Saturdays, but Dave was bothered by that info when I told him last night. For some reason, he generally likes to be home at that point in the evening. He's a freak...), and then Lord only knows what will go on by the time Sunday comes around. I want to cook, so maybe I'll do that then (I have this slow-cooking recipe that involves the oven, so I need to be there while it's doing it's cooking thang...), and clean my house, and all that good shit. Try my best to keep my mind off the fact that Dickhead will be heading out of town, and possibly out of my life forever that day. *sigh!* I need to get going now...

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