Monday, January 10, 2005

I've GOT to stop this falling down thing!

Last night, I got home from hanging out at Dave's at about 10-ish, I'd think. I hadn't had a cigarette in a long time, and I was feeling like it was a good time for one, so I stepped out on my front porch to have one while I surveyed the melting that occurred yesterday in the yard, and thought about my absolutely lovely weekend. When I was done, I leaned over to put out the cigarette in the snow, and losing my balance, I fell on my face. Literally. I don't know why I didn't catch myself with my hand...maybe because the hand already had a mission, which was to put out the cigarette? I don't know. Anyway, I fell down and hit my cheek on the pavement. It was really cool. Now my face is all red and puffy by my right eye, and there are some tiny scrapes at the top of the bruise.

I'm the coolest chick EVER. :P

When I think about the way that Dave kisses me, it makes me smile. I can't stop smiling for a bit after thinking about it, actually. His staying power is rather impressive. On Friday, after having just about the worst day I've had in a long time, I called him while I was on my way to my hair appointment. I told him that after the day I'd had, I needed some hugs and closeness and lovin', and if he was willing to help me out with that, then he should call me back and let me know. (I was leaving a message, of course...) He called while I was at the salon, and said that he'd made plans with a friend, but that I could call him later and see if he was home if I wanted. From that point on, the weekend was just about perfect. (Except for the whole falling down thing. Oh, and someone side-swiped my car when it was parked in front of Dave's on Saturday morning...the roads were slippery, and they must've just slid right into me. At least I would assume that's what happened. I can't be sure...but they did relatively little damage to the car, except for knocking the shit out of my driver's side mirror. It was hanging pitifully by a little wire. The mirror itself was lying in front of Dave's damage to it, so I saved it. I got to a body shop right away, and they're ordering the parts they need, and hopefully they'll be able to reattach it by's weird driving without that mirror! Poor little car...)

Dave felt so very badly abut what happened last week, but I told him not to worry about it. I'm really, really, really glad that he apologized as he did, and that things are as they are for us. Last night, he said that we need to go somewhere sometime. Someplace other than the Moose. I told him that I thought it was a great idea. We could go to the movies, or to dinner somewhere. Eeee! An actual date! :D

The walls are coming down, and I can't express how cool it is that it's happening. We're pretty much talking openly with our friends about the time we spend with each other. So it seems like he's ok with people knowing about whatever it is we're doing. Not that it was any big secret, really. It just seemed like maybe he might've been uncomfy with it for a bit. But I told our friend Melinda about my car being hit when it was parked in front of his house, and while he had a slight reaction to my saying something, he just sort of wound up laughing it off, and then made a comment about how I might've broken this other guy's heart that seems to like me. His name is Mike, and he's quite possibly the most annoying person I've met in a long while. He has a habit of making rude comments that he doesn't even seem to consider are rude at all, and he talks and talks and talks. He interrupts people that are having a conversation to butt in with a stupid comment of his own. So when he sat next to me at the bar on Saturday, I was happy to get it out there that I'm seeing Dave. Dave and Melinda and I were doing shots and having a fun-ass time of our own, so Mike eventually took the cue to move someplace else in the bar to finish his cigarette, and then he left. Everyone thinks it's soooo funny that he liked me. So even our friend Bill came over to give me shit about having turned my back on him. Bill cracks me up, though.

I'm just rambling on and on, aren't I? I'm gonna blame the hang-over. Soooo very tired right now, I can hardly stand it! Maybe I'll be a bit more coherent later.

But just so y'all know, I realize that I've made Dave out to sound very mean and somewhat horrible when I've told my stories about him out here, but I can't tell you enough about the sweeter side he has. And now that things are going as they are, he seems to be losing a bit of the roughness, even. Which makes it sooo much easier to like him.

Ok...gotta get to work now. Hope everyone had a fall-free weekend! Or that if you did fall, you at least had the wherewithall to catch yourself with something other than your face...


FaithsTwin said...

You are such a 'tard.

And I am just puttin' it out there this Monday, rainy day: HOME WARRANTY PLANS ROCK!

My garage door wouldn't open this morning. I mean, it opened- to about 1/3 of the way- then stopped. I tried opening it about 8 times. Then I disconnected the fucker and have a call in to the contractors that apparently will fix it for me for $35.

Meanwhile, every time I need to go somewhere, I have to open and close the thing manually. Fuck it- I'm just gonna go park the van in the rain and have a bad hair day.

Happy you had a good weekend! You didn't call me AT ALL- which kinda bummed me out. :( But I guess you were "busy". =P

Faith said...

Yes, I am a 'tard. But at least I'm a-havin' a good time. Which is the point to it all, IMO.

And I didn't call you, because I didn't want to bug you, actually. I thought of doing it several times throughout the weekend, and while I *was* busy (heh), I just want you to know that usually the busyness does not deter me from calling your ass up whenever I damn well feel like it. But I pictured you driving along snowy mountain roads, and sledding down big hills, and thought it would jut be annoying to hear from me. So I held off. Next time, I won't even think twice about it.

You buggar.

FaithsTwin said...

Maybe you keep falling down because of your huge breasteseses. :o