Friday, January 07, 2005

My window into the cold world this Friday

Dave apologized. That's it for me for now, though. I'm gonna leave him alone for a bit, and see what it is that he wants. Because I know what I want. I don't think he does. So we'll see. (Guys/girls who do this sort of thing...why do you do it? You have a great weekend with someone that you've been hanging out with off and on for a while, and then you start to ignore them immediately after the weekend is over? What is that all about? Is it a power thing? Is it a fear o' committment thing (something I've never personally had)? What is it, really? Because I'm at a loss to figure out what the fuck I'm supposed to do while he crawls back into his little hole and tries to decide whether he's going to be nice to me or not, or even hear from me on any level...It's hurting my head, dammit. Or is it possible that the "retreat" has been turned on me, and after I tried doing it on Monday, he decided to do it himself the rest of the week? I just don't get it...)

My power went back on at about 6 p.m. last night. Took forever for the temp to return to "normal" (which, FYI, for me is about 68 when I'm home, and 64 when I sleep and when I'm out of the some people survive when they keep their houses colder than 60 is beyond me. It's just not comfortable for me at all at that temp...), and while all the furniture in my house was still cold as hell, somehow my fridge lost all it's coolness during the period the power was off, and so all my meat and stuff that I had in there had to be thrown out, which was a pain. The stuff in my freezer was still frozen, for the most part, though. Anyway, I was glad to have my power back, and to be able to wake up in a toasty house this morning. There was a teeny part of me that was pissed it was back on, because Dave had asked me to stay at his house if it wasn't. And it would've been nice to have had the opportunity to have some quiet time where we could chat a bit about what the fuck is going on. But the gods spoke to us by turning my power back on, and that was the end of that. I watched the recorded LOST and Alias from the night before, and then went to bed at 9:45. It was lovely.

Now I need to dedicate myself to cleaning up the pile that is my desk. Because it, too, is hurting my head.

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Mark said...

"how some people survive when they keep their houses colder than 60 is beyond me."

Polar-bear blood. ;) I've had friends say that I could be tossed in a meat locker and I would still sweat - ice cubes. =)

I have no problem increasing the temperature, I just don't need it that warm for just myself. Besides, it makes lighting that fire in the fireplace a little more inviting...