Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Not totally back in the mood yet, but a quick update is ok.

I'm not entirely back in the blogging mood yet. But here's a quick run-down of what's been going on...

- Made a fool of myself with regards to Dave. Again.

- Made the decision to step back from the situation a bit by attempting to avoid Dave for a week or so, giving myself perspective on the feelings I'm having for him. Will be staying away from the Moose whenever Dave is there. Succeeded at this feat of greatness all day. (In the process, I re-discovered how great mid-afternoon naps on weekends can be. Man, it was fucking awesome to have a nap. 3 days have passed, and I still remember it fondly...)
- Also decided to buy the cute boy Trey (who I've been flirty-smiling with for the past couple of months) a drink in order to get us introduced. He was very pleased. My friends all think he's da bomb. They're gonna "hook it up," whatever that means. I'm just glad he knows my name and that I'm interested in doing more than smiling at each other across the room at this point. Moving slow on this one will be the key.

- Despite my intentions to completely avoid him at all costs so that I can (a) not have to face the feelings I still have over having behaved so foolishly (and NO, I'm not talking about it, so don't even ask. It still makes me cry, it was so idiotic...), and (b) try to get past this Great Infatuation I have for the man, I ran into Dave right before the football games started. I tried to sneak by without chatting with him, he still managed to call me over and see me start to cry. He was then so nice to me that it made me wish things would work even more than I did before. GAH!
- Watched the Eagles slide somewhat easily to a victory over the Falcons. Yay!
- Barely watched as the fucking Patriots trounced all over the Steelers on their way to yet another fucking super bowl. Dicks.
- Made it to 9:30 before I completely passed out in my bed. Not from drunkeness, no. Just from exhaustion, it seems. Bleh.

- Finally got my ass back on the treadmill after a week long break. Watched the Bachelorette while I did it. Is anyone else completely in love with Ryan and Jerry? Dammit I want those men.

And that's what's what for now. My bartender friend quit the Moose last night, so I'm in a bit of a tizzy trying to figure out how to handle things from here on out. It's not like I will stop going there, because I am friends with all the other bartenders as well - she's just the only one I hang out with outside of that place, thus far. But the principle reasons for her quitting are bothering me, too, even just as a patron. So I'm trying to get a hold of my other girlfriend that I hang out with there, and see what she thinks. Otherwise, this is looking like a quiet week. Thank God.


lyn said...

eh, we all do and say things that we regret when we have strong feelings for men. don't beat yourself up about it.

men think we are all neurotic (we are) so if they decide they can deal with our neuroses, they stay. if they don't, they leave.

you'll be fine. i promise.

lyn said...

oh and i'm glad you bought trey a drink. that's what i am talking about.

FaithsTwin said...

She QUIT!? Must know details asap.
Man oh man...

P. McB. said...

Even for a quick update, it's refreshing to see you back blogging.

I do protest calling the Patriots "Dicks", they are a great team. Class acts. But then again, I'm a Pats fan LOL.

I agree, afternoon naps are awesome!