Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sheri's no fun. But I am. :P

Sheri changed my comments today on her post about the KC Blogger meet-up. She's got a great big loverly pic up of the group that showed, and apparently Asshole has yet another fucking girlfriend!! I just can't believe the way this guy flies through the chicks. I think I go through a box of kleenex slower than he goes through a relationship. But whatev. As I said in her comments before she (eh-em) edited it (truly understandable...I just like giving shit, and I'm in the mooood), I really don't understand how he does it. I mean, I can totally comprehend how he goes through them as quickly as he does (see aforementioned name of "Asshole" he has been bestowed with...), but how does he meet them and get them to fall for him as he does? I still can't figure out how I fell for him. Perhaps he has magical powers. After all, we did discover early on in the relationship from the astrology section of Borders that we were "doomed". And yet we still tried to make a go of it. I don't know. It's just weird to me.

**Note to Asshole's newest chicky-poo on the block: Just watch out, baby. He lies for no reason, eventually gives up when it comes to affection, and is completely lackadaisical when it comes to accepting his side of the responsibility for bringing a bit of unhappiness to the relationship when it happens. Yes, this could have all been caused by the anti-depressants he was on when we were dating (except for the lying part...that was all him, and damned if he isn't good at it), but if he's on them again, be prepared. It sucks.

Also, to those who might be trying to comment on my posts but are having no success, I don't know what's wrong. The Twin mentioned to me yesterday that she had been trying without luck, and it seems it's still happening today, even. I'm sure glad Julie was able to get through on my post about my nightmares, though. Geat fucking insight, really. I appreciated it.


Anonymous said...

Let me start by writing, this is your blog and you can write whatever you want or delete this comment if you want.

But we live in a very small local blogosphere and if a nimrod like me can put together what and whom you’re talking about then maybe a person with average intelligence may be able to do so as well. In the end, I respect that it’s your call. It just brings to mind that old, “if you can’t say anything nice . . .” cliché.

Regarding the (TMI) details of the relationship and taking into account that nearly all new marriages in this country end in divorce, the one thing that is clear is that nobody is perfect and everybody has faults. Unless you’re Eva Longoria (who has no faults) I’d guess that you’re not perfect either. I wish I had something to contribute to relationship talk but I spend most nights alone, in a cave, eating microwaveable food while watching midget porn. Still, I guess I’ll just come out and say it: You come off like a total bitter, ruthless, cold hearted beeatch ragging on some guy who obviously “was just not that into you.” Note: Keep in mind that this is analysis from a guy who keeps a list of pussy jokes at the ready for daily updates to my own page.

So, it’s your blog, but please for the love of Jebus, take this post down, let the past be the past and keep thrilling us your insightful take on life and love . . . in general.

You rock FaithSista.



Faith said...

My blog space, my decision. I like to mouth-off about it, and if you don't like it, then don't read it. The only people who don't know who the fuck I'm referring to must be new around here. I stopped linking to his blog, because I don't care to any more. (Growth on my part? Perhaps...)

I *am* a bitter and unforgiving bitch about this sort of shit, and if you don't know why, then step the fuck off. But I never claimed to be otherwise. Have you ever READ my blog? Helloooo? Pretty bitter and unrelenting, ain't it? Der.

I like you Tony, I really do. But this is none of your business to speak up about. I don't enter any part of the "blogosphere" outside of my space. I don't read Asshole's blog, and I don't give a flying shit if he reads mine. I don't go to the meet-ups, I don't talk about them, and I don't bad-talk about them. I openly talk about my regular hang-out, and I would hope that people would respect my space enough to stay the hell away from it. I keep anonymous for a reason, and I would hope that would remain respected.

Do you know what it's like to love someone, and then find out they lied to you for NO reason? Not just once, but throughout the relationship? Do you know what it's like to have that person give a flying FUCK that they ever did such a thing, and in fact blame YOU for their faults? Maybe you do, and maybe you don't.

I'll move on at my own speed, thanks. Why can't people just get that, eh? It's only been since July that he and I broke things off. Is it my fault that it bugs me that he's had two other significant girlfriends since then? Most likely, yes. But again, this is MY space to go off about it, and not anybody else's. Deal, or move it along. Thanks. Your comment was unwarranted. It was unneccesary; you don't know the circumstances of the situation (since you clearly skipped those posts I'd put up about what happened between Asshole and I), and if you do, then you're heartless, and clearly just a man who doesn't understand how hard it is on women when a man treats them like SHIT for NO REASON. Go forth. Treat women like shit. Have a great fucking time of it. Oh, and if you want any advice on how, just go to Asshole. He's full of the stuff.

Thanks for kicking me while I'm down, everyone. I appreciate your goddammed help. Buh-bye.

Faith said...

Just to add, I don't consider myself to be part of a very small or localized "blogosphere", either. My blogosphere extends from San Diego to New Mexico to Texas to New York, and I even had a comment once from a guy that's supposed to be in the UK. I wish I could meet Sphinxy (Dirty Martinis), who lives in Florida now. It's So Not About You is in northern Cali now.

While some may choose to remain local, and to have more of a local connection to the folks that do the blogging in this world, I find that my faves are not just local folks (although, I do need to add Filegirl. I keep forgetting to do that!) fact, the people that keep me the most grounded are far, far away. Which sort of sucks some of the time. :)

Anyway, just thought I'd make that clear. Since I was sort of being accused of trying to shake things up locally here, and all. If local folks read my blog, they certainly aren't the ones commenting. And if they form judgements of other folks based on just the stuff I'm saying about them? Well, that's just sad. And it's not my problem.

Anonymous said...

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