Tuesday, January 04, 2005

USC - 55; OU - 10 (And I still feel like shit.) Oh, and there's still another 9 minutes left to play...

Dave has disappeared. He left the bar during the 1st quarter after finishing dinner, and I thought he was going home. He wasn't, it seemed. Either that, or he's not answering his phone when I call. Either way, I feel like hell.

But I am up $60. (I was able to find 2 more takers today before the game. I gave them the 3.5 point spread. Seems they needed a bit more than that to be competitive, eh?)

I think it's PMS, but I almost wish that OU would've won, just in case that would've made Dave happier.

I'm a sick fuck for lots of reasons. This night is one of them. G'night.

(Oh, and fight on USC!! Good job boys. You proved you were #1 without question, and blew all the skeptics out of their goddammed socks tonight. I'm proud to be a fan, honestly.)


lyn said...

hooray usc

boo for dave

feel better

Julie said...

Congratulations on USC! I thought of you when I heard the final score.

That Dave is moody...I hope you can find some balance. I worry you are contorting yourself too much to fit around him. You're too cool for that!

Faith said...

Yeah, but I'm moody too. I think more than anything, we do understand each other in that respect. Also, I think that rather than contorting myself, what I'm doing is figuring out the pattern to it, if that even seems possible to anyone outside of the situation. There's something to the time we spend together, especially when we're alone, that makes the moods all worth while. I think we're both in a place where we realize that we really crave people around us to understand who we are. I know I can't really speak for him, obviously. But it's just this feeling I get from the way he talks to me when a serious topic is broached.

I'll be keeping everyone posted, though. :)