Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Was there a Pomeranian at the Last Supper?

Just found this story in today's KC Star...thought it was a bit troubling for a couple of reasons:

(a) Why did the kid dress up in a toga and hang out in his backyard with his dog to feel closer to Jesus?
(b) Why the hell did his mother call the cops on him to get him to come back inside? I mean, lady? Get a clue. The police have bigger fish to fry. Especially in Olathe. So your kid is weird. You raised him...accept him for the person he is right now, dumbass.
(c) WTF? They stun-gunned the kid? Are the police in this metro just nutty for stun-guns, or what? (Answer: yes. They certainly are.)

I hope he wins his lawsuit. But I also hope he figures out that church is a great place to feel closer to Jesus, too. As long as he wears jeans and a t-shirt, and remembers to leave his Pomeranian at home...

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FaithsTwin said...

mmmmmk. =/ A *toga*. Did he NOT know Jesus wasn't GREEK!? *blink blink*

Jesus was probably all, "Lookie here brilliant one- now I will descend on your sad butt using police as my medium and they will stun gun your toga'd rear end (among other areas) just to get it in your head that A) Toga's represent beer, women and smoke-filled rooms in a Kappa Gamma Alpha house (read between the lines: GREEK), B) praying on your knees in a desert for 40 hours...just a thought and C)simply being kind to others and listening to your mother asking your craziness to stop so the neighbors won't taunt her daily for weeks following would have gotten you MUCH closer to me than your refusing her request and being all rude ass and what not. Thanks though. 'A' for effort, dude."