Saturday, January 01, 2005

Well...Happy New Years, after all...

I wound up feeling worlds better after leaving work yesterday, taking a half hour nap, and then eating some soup. The Twin gave me some advice towards the soup thing. I was worried that the more empty I left my stomach, the harder it would be to recover, so I asked her, and we agreed that eating some scrambled eggs and heeding the power of the chicken broth would be a good idea. So I made some Lipton Noodle egg drop soup. It did the job. By 4, I was ready for some beer, and I met up with Dave, and the rest shall be history.

Today, we watched football, watched the most exciting Jayhawk game EVER, and now I'm getting ready to rent a movie, and then call Dave to see what he wants to do. (Hopefully it will include watching a movie, and then hitting the sheets. I need to see what he can do. Last night proved that he's very good at the snoring thing, so tonight, if I can get some action before the snoring kicks in, then I'll be happy. Although, he does have this thing with getting me off while we're hanging out watching t.v., whether it be sports, or late night New Year's celebrations, apparently, which I completely appreciate, but I digress...) I need to see what this bunny can do in the sack. Otherwise, I might be wasting my time being interested in the slightest, right? Eh...who knows. I'd just like to sleep with his ass. End of story. :)

So, I'm off. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Thanks for the well-wishes from yesterday! I appreciate them, with all my heart. They did the trick, it seems. :)

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