Thursday, February 03, 2005

Answers to the questions...

Ok, so I only got a few questions yesterday in my post asking for suggestions of books, movies, and music (thanks for the suggestions!), and I'm a-gonna answer them now.

Melissa asked:
1. Where would you like to go on your next vacation?
I'd love to go to one of those all-inclusive beach resort thingies in Mexico, or someplace like that. But with the fam all in California, and activities happening there every few months to pull me home for a visit (dad's wedding, best friend's wedding, Christmas, now Coachella, etc...), I spend my vacation time on my visits home, mostly. It's cool, though, cuz the Twin and I are able to hang out lots, and we visit friends that we don't get to see very often, and we hit restaurants that I miss because we don't have them here in KC, and all that good stuff. So I love visiting home.

2. How fond are you of the vehicle that you drive?
Well, this isn't news to those folks that have been reading my blog for a little bit. So those of you who already know, just skip to the next question. Let me see if I can say this in the appropriate tone: I LOVE my car!!! It's a rather materialistic side of me that gets caught up in my baby, but my car is the best thing I've done for myself in the past 3 years. It's a black 2-door BMW 325 Ci, and it's perfect. Well, except that I failed to have them install heated seats when I had it built (that's was built FOR me, in Germany no less, which makes it just so much more special than anything else, I think...), but I deal with that by wearing a long coat in the winter time. It's a beauty, and I dig it more than anything else I own. I've had it for 2 years, and it just gets better and better every day I have it.

3. What is your favorite article of clothing?
Hm. My short jeans skirt that I bought at the Gap about 3.5 years ago. It's what I refer to as my "lucky skirt", and I feel cute in it no matter what, and it goes with loads of stuff, and it's the best skirt ever. Wintertime is my favorite time to wear it, with tights and sweaters and cute shoes. It's sort of a low-waist dealio that hits me mid-thigh (yeah, it's the shortest skirt I own, really...), and it's got a kind of a-line shape to it, so it's very flattering. I love it!

Fun questions. Thanks Melissa!

Lyn asked:
1. why kansas city?
Oh, Kansas City. I love this town. We have the small town feel with a little bit of sprawl, so it's easy to not feel closed in or to get bored easily. We have great restaurants, and people are lovely, and I can afford to live here, which is a big deal to me. I mean, I'd love to live in LA, for sure. But when I graduated from college, I couldn't find a job there for the life of me. Not even at the local Banana Republic in Pasadena. It was horrid. So I moved here, started working for my brother-in-law eventually (I had to start out working at Express on the Plaza, where I was promoted to manager within a month, and then I left them right before Christmas. Because I'm evil like that. :), and just settled into life in this town. I made friends quickly, and fell in love, and had great apartments that I loved living in...and in the Fall, we had lovely trees that changed to all sorts of beautiful colors, and then there was snow in the Winter, and when Spring came, it was the best feeling in the world. Summer is great, too, even if it does get a bit warm at times, but the cicadas make my day, and I love doing yard work on a warm summer day. It just feels like home here, for some reason.

2. the one thing that you always look for in a man physically
This is hard. The last few men that I've dated have really been all over the place, physically. I mean, I'm so, so, SOOOO physically attracted to Dickhead, it's scary. And he's on the shorter side, a bit chubbier than most men I date, has very short, red hair, and even his voice is soft and sort of higher than I like a guy's voice to be. So, it makes no sense. But if I had to pick something that instantly attracts me to a man, regardless of all other features that I see, it would be height. I've always been more attracted to taller men, and have tended to date guys that are taller than 6', for the most part. So that's it.

3. what's your take on cheating on your man or helping some guy cheat on his woman?
When I like a guy, I like him, and only him. I've found that ever since I snapped out of my bubble world (happened when I graduated from college and picked up my life and moved it to KC in 1996), when I'm with any certain guy, I don't really pay attention to other men around me. I mean, sure, I find them attractive, of course. Because I'm human, and I have hormones. But not to the point where I think to myself, "Holy crap! What am I doing with this guy, when that one looks perfectly single, and is he looking at me too? And how the hell can I give him my number without my man noticing?" It just doesn't happen. I have been on both sides of the cheating thing, though. Waaaayyy, wa-haaaay back in college, I was dating someone when another (very, very hot, oh-my-god-I-can't-believe-he's-interested-in-me type) guy started putting moves on me, and so I cheated at that point, and the guy happened to be cheating on his girlfriend as well, so that kind of killed two birds with one stone. But these days? I think it's dispicable. Not allowed. Just not a forgivable act, even. You're either with someone and you love them and you'll do anything to make it work, or you leave. End of story.

So there you go. Have any more suggestions/questions? Keep putting them in my post from yesterday, and I'll answer them as they come. This was fun!


Melissa said...

For all-inclusive trips to Mexico, I can not recommend strongly enough that you consider a trip to Playa del Carmen and stay at the Riu resort. We stayed at the Riu Tequila and it was perfect. Playa is less American-touristy than Cancun and it was surprisingly affordable.

Faith said...

Gracias mucho, Melissa! :)