Monday, February 07, 2005

The Bachellorette. Everybody say, "Hm."

Ok, so Jean Paul, Jerry, and Ryan (from Cali) are still in it. What did I say after the first show? What were my predictions? OH YEAH!! That Ryan (from Cali), Jerry, and Jean Paul would be the final 3. Now, of course, tonight, she's dealing with the whole whittling down from 4 to 3 issue, and the one she'll be whittling out is Wendell. I think it's because of the funky bags under his eyes, but it also might be because of his asshole little brother that ruins everything for him, as well as his entire family being weird and a pain in the ass. At least according to the commercials.

He also talks sort of funny. But I think I must talk sort of funny, so I'm not judgin'.

Now this is all pure speculation, of course. Lord only knows what will actually happen.

Had a fun night tonight. I wandered about and had a good time today, woke up late, went to the store, had some lunch, showered, cleaned the house (finally!), went to Tarjay and bought makeup I've been needing, found a birthday card for the Twin (which will be showing up late...and sort of sucks. Sorry!), and then hit the Moose. Dave and Dave and Shara and I laughed harder than I've laughed in a long time. It was wonderful! Dave has convinced me to head in tomorrow night as well, since he'll be buying my drinks, so I can't pass that shit up, since he rarely makes such an offer. (He hasn't bought me a drink since the last good weekend we had together. *sigh!*) It will be, after all, my birthday, for cryin' out loud. I hope he asks me back to his place, actually. Because I could stand for some action.
Shut up! Like you wouldn't take it too!! (Ok, none of you have ever seen him. But you should. Because, DAYUM!!!)
Anyway, I'm having a good week thus far. Dad and stepmom called me today to wish me a happy b-day, tomorrow, the New Boss will be back in town, AND it's supposed to snow (yay! I do love me some snow...), so work should be busy and fun, and I have a generally positive outlook right now, which is vunderbar.
Is that how that's spelled? Ah, what do I care? You know what I mean...
So, I need to hit the head again. Have a good night, y'all. Enjoy the Bachelorette, if you're so inclined, and then congratulate me on my fabulously accurate skills of foreseeing the outcome when the show is over later tonight. (It still has a half-hour to go here in the MW. So I haven't given anything away, BTW...)
I kick ass, baby! (Am I high on something? I feel like I'm high on something. I'd better go...)

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! When is the exact day again?? Hey we need to get out again soon. I'll have some mo-la here soon so let me know if you'd like to hit the town (maybe we can get some pep's together) LOL and go dancing or something. You up for something like that? I'm up for anything as long as it gets ME OUT and having FUN. I so so need it!! Email me (lost yours - don't ask) plleeeeaaseee!!!