Friday, February 04, 2005

Big ol' mess of stuff...

I had sooo much fun last night! Went to the Moose and everyone was there...all of my friends. Even the ones that had been out of town, and then the one guy got in a fight with one of the managers at the Moose on Wednesday, apparently, and I didn't think he'd be there, but he was, and it was good to see him and his girlfriend. (She's the one that gave me that book a few weeks ago...she's SUCH a doll!) Dave was in a good, good mood, and when I asked him if he could come over on Saturday and help me clean up the limbs in my front yard (they fell down in the storm we had here a few weeks ago, and they're too big around for me to just snap into bits and then bundle up on my own, so I need a saw, or something...), he said that he has a guy coming to clean up the limbs in his yard soon, and he'll just send him over to my house when he's done at his place. I didn't refuse the offer, because I think he owes me a bit for being such an asshat to me the last time we went through our little split, and because I just paid $300 to replace the mirror that was knocked off my car when it was parked in front of his goddammed house so he could get out of his driveway to go to coffee one morning. So, I accepted his offer willingly. Plus, they're really not large limbs...they're just large enough that I can't do anything without the help of tools. And there are only a couple of them, so it's not toally out of control. It was a very nice gesture on his part, I thought.

Trey was there, but he didn't even come over to say hello, or anything. I wrote him an e-mail last night when I got home, and I can't quite remember what I put in it, but it was something to the effect of how I have heard he's shy, but I hope we're able to talk soon, blah, blah, was not a good idea to send that e-mail, I don't think. But I'm over it, cuz men seem to be falling from the sky into my life right now.

The other cutie that wrote me back from Yahoo is just so adorable, and I wrote him a good long e-mail last night, and he wrote me back, it seems. (Twin, can you help me out with that again today? Gimme a call when you get the chance...) So I look forward to hearing what he had to say. And then ANOTHER couple of guys (that are cute, even!) have written me notes since I re-joined on Wednesday, too. The one that wrote me last night is 30, is an investment banker for a large Wall Street firm, seems a bit serious, but is assuring me throughout his note that he loves to have fun, and his friends all see him as being a very genuine, fun-loving, friendly guy, so I'm gonna give him a spin, too. He's not the most handsome guy, and he says he doesn't drink, which is a bit different for me, but I'm not one to care much about people's choices like that. Hell, my brother stopped drinking when he started seeing his fiance, and he's still fun to hang with. This guy is tall, went to KU, and seems like a very grown-up guy. I love financial stability. It's a very attractive quality to me. :)

Also, my friend Rich was a bit buzzy last night, and he was flirting shamelessly. Which was a bit odd. He's not usually so open with it, normally. I've found that the drunker he is, the more flirtatious he becomes. Not that it makes me uncomfy, really. It's just unusual, is all. He's about 20 years older than me. And I think he's jealous of Dave, because Dave is only a couple of years younger than him, but Rich knows that I was seeing him, and he's always making comments about how manipulative Dave is, and last night he made some comments about him being a jerk about something or other...I don't know. I don't think Rich should drink that much, really. But he was hanging out with the ragingly boring dude we all hate for most of the evening, and when he's stuck talking to that guy, he just drinks and drinks and drinks. Whatev. I'm not one to judge.

So when I left the Moose, I'd been there for a little while and I was hungry, so I hit the Bell. It's been weeks since I've eaten Taco Bell, and it was lovely. Anyway, I called Dave on my way home to let him know that we (me, Melinda and her boyfriend) plan to head to the Other Place tonight, because we're going to visit with the bartender friend, and all, and said that if he wants, I could call him today, and let him know when we're gonna be there. (He's been sort of pouty lately, talking about how we aren't calling him to let him know where we're going, and all that. Which is silly, because we never did before, really, so I don't know what his deal is all of a sudden.) I left him a message at that point, but he called me back at home probably about a half hour later, and we chatted a bit about it, and he pouted more, saying that no one tells him where they're going, and I said that we just figure that he doesn't want to go anywhere once he's gone home from the Moose. But I said, "Come out with us tomorrow! If you don't have other plans already, I mean..." And he said he has no plans, so I told him I'd call him when I had more details. I'm going to get my hair done tonight (it's root cover-up time!) so I told him I'd call him as soon as I knew what was up, or directly after I leave the salon, or whatever. He seemed pleased with that. I'm worried that he's going to start in on me again, and I just don't know how I'll handle it. He's my Mr. Big, guys. I just can't stop thinking of him like that, and it kills me to know that he's such a grump and that if I let him in again, he's just going to fuck it up by behaving like an asshat again. And I won't let that happen. I don't like crying over a man. It makes me feel weak and pitiful. I hate feeling like that.

But he is Big. Good God, how it messes with my head. Thank goodness I read that book, though. I need to read it again, I think. Maybe I will on Saturday. I've got a few hours in the middle of the day that're gonna be open to whatever I want to do with them (KU game is on early again, so Dave and I are watching that at the Moose, and then after that's over, I don't have anything to do until I go visit the Old Best Friend and her baby at 4:45) so reading the book least the parts that certainly apply to my specific situation...would be a good thing to do. Because I don't want to be a dumb girl when it comes to men. Not anymore. So I'm not gonna. :)

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