Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Eddie Izzms

And every once in a while, they stop and look around as if to say, "Did I leave the gas on?"

"No! I'm a fucking squirrel!"


FaithsTwin said...

Dude, that cracked me up!

Did you get my email? I never know if you're just busy or my email didn't get delivered. How odd...maybe I should start using the one that comes with my cox services.

Faith said...

Ooh! New comment-posting format! Neat-o.

Of course I didn't get your e-mail. I usually respond by now when you send me notes, don't I? Sorry...my e-mail system must just not like e-mails from you, dude.

zagood said...

i've got legs.

do you like bread?

i've got a baquette...*smack*

(run away) I LOVE YOUuuuu...

i'm new here. someone said one of my comments was interesting, i'm not used to that so I came by to see what kind of a weirdo would say something like that, and I'm welcomed by an izzardism.

my kind of place.


lyn said...

dude, z is commenting on other blogs. he's definitely getting sucked in!

FaithsTwin said...


welcome! Ok, ok, I'm the Twin, but I feel comfy enough to know when my Twin would welcome someone new to her site- so welcome!

In any case, that little bit you posted is exactly the thing that can get my Twin or I busting out laughing on an elevator for no reason. The bread bit does it every time.

zagood said...

sucked in by twins. rad.

i'll be back girls...