Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Getting back on track...

Jeezy...when one doesn't blog for a few days, one falls out of the pattern of being able to think like a blogger, it seems.

Nothing much exciting is happening, is the thing. My weekend after the whole Getting Stood Up Incident was just very mellow. And then yesterday was the big ol' exciting meeting with the managers at the Doubletree. Whoopee. And today is catching up on e-mails and making sure I cover everything I needed to with the New Boss before he headed back out of town for a little over a week. So Life, Blah is thy new name.

About that whole Getting Stood Up Incident, though. It's weird...I thought it would bother me more, but it hasn't so much. Here's a quick run-down on what happened, since I wasn't so forthcoming with info over the weekend: I called the asshole who was supposed to get together with me that night that we were supposed to get together. I called him before any kind of intoxication set in, so I can remember that I said I hoped he was ok (in case he'd been hurt/horribly maimed in some sort of accident, thereby rendering it impossible for him to call me back and solidify our meeting time for the date we were supposed to have...), but that if he was and nothing had happened, then he could just forget about calling me or e-mailing me ever again, and said goodbye.

Bastard wrote me an e-mail in response anyway. Said something about my "temper" and that he'd expected a call from me after 3, and when he didn't hear from me, he went out with his friends instead. (Oh, and he knows I'm a KU fan, so he threw in a little "hope you liked that KU game!" comment to close his note. Clearly, he's a grown-up...)

First of all, there was no temper involved. When I called him and left him the message I'd left him, I was not smarmy or sharp or anything when it came to my tone. I simply said that I hoped he was ok, and if he was, then he shouldn't call me or e-mail me again. Period. If he thought THAT was a display of my temper, then he should see me when I'm neck-deep in shit at work! Anyway, I wrote him back and said that I hadn't displayed any semblance of a temper skewed in the angry direction, and if he thought I had, then he has issues.

I then told him that after the game ended, I was talking to a lady who comes into the bar every day in the afternoon. She's 88, and she's very sweet. While chatting, I learned that she had lived in LA and northern Cali during WWII, and since we had that in common, and I also am fascinated by her stories from things that happened to her during the 30's and 40's (she was born in 1917, people!! 1917!!! Jesus...), I got carried away in talking to her. So I finally excused myself at about 3:30, knowing that I owed this guy a call, and then I called him. I told him how I'd waited until 5 p.m. No call back. Until 6 p.m.? No call. I finally left to go out at about 6:30, as I was hungry. I also told him that I asked him not to call or e-mail again as I don't like to hang out with people who don't keep their committments. I think it's bullshit.

Then I told him that if he'd been that interested in getting together, he could have called me when he hadn't heard from me (in the apparent 5 minute-fucking window he was expecting me to call him after 3 p.m. came along...).

So he was a big penis. And I'm actually really glad I learned that he's a penis before I ever even met him. I should've known better after his whole e-mail request for ME to call HIM last weekend (the 12th & 13th, I mean), and then he wasn't even home. And did he call me when he had a chance on Sunday? Um, no. So why was I a dumbass? I dunno.

I'm just hoping that this will be the end of the assholes for a bit. I deserve a decent guy for a bit. At least for a little bit. Because I really am a very nice girl.


FaithsTwin said...

While the housefull of 8 and 9 year olds were watching the news with me a girl was featured and her last name was 'Panis'. I laughed and said, "Her last name is Panis, that blows..." And instantly one of the girls was all, "Oh! hahahahahaha." Then I remembered, "These aren't your kids, fucktard." So I can see them at home telling their parents about my Panis moment. Oh well, that's one way to not host sleepovers anymore.

zagood said...'s the spider?


lyn said...

such a stupid boy. sigh. there are real men out there and you just never know when one is going to show up in your life.

i had such a bad string of assholes, i totally thought i would never find a decent one and now i have one. he's leaving me, but i have one. but i'm telling you, it's the best and it was worth all the assholes.

Faith said...

Spidey is still there. He was all up and down the wall this morning, gettin' freaky in his web 'n shit. It looked like fun.

PANIS!!! Ahahahahahahahahaha!! Ok, that would seriously suck, but...hahahahahahaha!!

Lyn, you never know what might happen, right? I'm glad you're happy, girl. :)

RICANDOLL said... yourself a favor- the next time u get stood up- just chalk it up and pretend..i mean REALLY pretend that it never happened. In fact, pretend it so much that when they call to say they r sorry, you have totally forgotten who they are. You MUST- at all costs, preserve your dignity. Be the asshole, ya know? Kick'em in the go where it HURTS. When he called or emailed, you should have been like "OMG i'm SO SORRY I FORGOT!!!!" Does it to 'em every time. And if he never calls, then he's not worth remembering, PERIOD. I like your blog by the way. Its hella funny.