Thursday, February 03, 2005

I love this time of year...

I kept telling my co-worker that I couldn't wait for the beginning of the year. Things slow waaaay down around this office at the beginning of the year, and sure enough, they stuck to their pattern this year, too. I'm happy. The New Boss warned me that we're going to be very busy next week. That's fine. I can take it. This week has been sooo mellow that it'll be nice to have a punch in activity, really.

So, the controversy of the Moose continues. Have I said anything about it much before now? Maybe I have. I can't remember. Basically, since by bartender friend was fired/since she quit last week, she's been very vocal about how much it must suck for the management at the Moose to realize how faithful her regulars were to her, and how she told them it would be like this, blah, blah, blah. Well, the thing is, I still go to the Moose. I've been there at least twice since she quit, and would've been there more had it not been for this damned cold I've had all week. I made plans to go there tonight, as usual, to meet up with Melinda and her boyfriend and to see Dave. And I'm hoping to run into Trey there, of course.

So the bartender friend calls me last night, and we talk about the latest bullshit that's happening with her and the Moose, and I finally feel like saying, "But I don't care!!! It's just a bar I like to go to because it's close to home, it's comfy, I like the other bartenders/waitstaff, and I have friends that I meet up with there!" But I held it in, miraculously, and I told her, "But you know that I still go there, right? I mean, I told you straight up when you quit that I'd still be going there, and that I'd also come visit you wherever you wind up finding a job, too. But I'm not stopping going to the Moose." So she finally says she's gonna go, because wherever she's at, the music is starting. So we say our goodbyes.

And I just needed to talk about it. I didn't want to bug Melinda...figured I'd chat with her about it tonight. So I called Dave. I told him that I'm tired of being in the middle of all the crap that's going on with her and the Moose. He expressed his disdain with the fact that it seems to have changed around there (meaning at the Moose) lately, and he thought that the rest of us were going someplace else all week and not calling to let him know since he hadn't seen us. So I told him about my cold, and how I really had wanted to come out on Monday, but resisted the temptation to do so. And then I told him that Melinda and I were meeting up definitely tonight at the Moose, so we could hang out, and talk about SuperBowl plans, etc...Of course, he'll be there, he said. So I started to say goodbye, and he's all, "So are you doing ok?" And I said, "Oh, I'm fine! The cold is almost gone, and if none of you caught it from hanging out with me on Saturday, then you certainly should be fine hanging out with me at this point," because I thought he was worried about hanging out with me while I still have a cold. (Not that we all make out, or anything, but they are awfully easy to hand around, I've found. I mean, I caught this one somehow, right?) Then I said, "And how are you?" He said he was fine, and then he asked me if I needed anything. I said, nope. I was good to go. He said, "You sure?" I assured him I was fine, and then said I'd see him tonight, and said goodbye. He was being really nice, though. So this friendship thing is gonna work, I think. (Yay!) A little bit of a departure from the point of this post, but I thought I'd share anyway, because he's being nice. Which is a good thing.

Anyway, my point is that I'm irritated that any kind of drama is trying to suck me into where I don't necessarily belong. Yes, it sucks that the Moose changed it's policy on offering $1.50 Miller Lights on Saturdays, and now all beers are regular price. But there are ways around it, I've found. For example, they started selling a bucket of 5 bottles for $11 (including tax), which is a pretty good deal, and works for me. So I can do that if I want. (Even though I had to give one of my beers away this past weekend, because I was just plain full. Bleh.) I don't give a shit that the new manager has new rules that suck. I DON'T WORK THERE! So it doesn't effect my life much, really. I just want the bartender friend to leave me the fuck out of it. But at this point, I don't know how to tell her that without royally pissing her off. The thing is, she's pushing me to the point where I don't care if I piss her off, really. I'm gonna tell her what I think soon, if she keeps it up, and that's that. I can be a very good friend...really, I can. But I'm also very straight-forward and honest, and if someone can't take it, I tend to think it's not really my problem, you know? It's something I'm working on...

Anywho...I need a sammich, so I'm gonna head out and get one. Hope everyone is having a drama-free Thursday thus far!

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