Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Isn't the fact that it's hump day supposed to make it more exciting?

Blah day, y'all. But I did read a few doozies on some of the news sites.

Shit. That must've been yesterday, cuz I can't find anything good out there now.

Well, go read the latest at Jason's, because, as usual, he cracked my ass up today. (Ooh! And damned if he hasn't updated twice since I read him earlier. Coolio...)

Tonight, I can't decide whether I want to stop at Borders so I can pick up cute thank you cards, or just head home and start to try to break down the large limbs that fell off my tree in the last storm we had, or just get on the treadmill and fuck all else.

But at least "Lost" and "Alias" are new. Woo!!

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