Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Just some silly fun...

Found this at Lyn's. Of course. :) Take a couple of's actually fun to do, I think. (I found it really hard to choose a movie and musical artist/album to recommend, but that's because it's Lyn's I was answering, and when it comes to music, especially, I'm sure she's heard of everything and everyone, so how can I possibly recommend something to her? I tried...)

I want your recommendations (and why if you feel so inclined) for the following:

1. A movie;
2. A book;
3. A musical artist, song or album;


Ask me three questions, anything you want to know. I, of course, reserve the right to ignore any questions I don’t really want to answer.


Copy and paste this into your blog, if you have one.

Have fun with it! I'll answer just about any question, I'm sure...


Melissa said...

1. Mystery Men, because I can watch it again and again
2. The Time Traeler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger because I just finished it over lunch and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would
3. Prince 1999 because I love Prince very much and it is my third favorite Prince album

Melissa said...

Oh, forgot my questions...
1. Where would you like to go on your next vacation?
2. How fond are you of the vehicle that you drive?
3. What is your favorite article of clothing?

lyn said...

movie- before sunset. the sequel to before sunrise. totally amazing and romantic.

book- good in bed, jennifer weiner. i think you would dig the lead character a lot

music- just for you, i think you would really like the new rilo kiley cd "more adventurous". the single, "portion for foxes" is gorgeous. the rest of it is really good, too.

1. why kansas city?
2. the one thing that you always look for in a man physically
3. what's your take on cheating on your man or helping some guy cheat on his woman?

Lushy said...

Movie: Garden State. I hope you've seen it by now. I love that movie.
Book: The Magus by John Fowles. I am recommending it to everyone because it is one of my favorites.
Music: Supertramp. Sure their last album came out forever ago, but I still love their music.

1. You win a 40 week van tour of Europe for 4 people. You can't talk to anybody but those three other people. Who do you take and why?
2. How much money would it take for you to eat a dog turd? (I know that's a weird question, but it's an ongoing discussion between me and my BF).
3. When was the last time you laughed until your sides hurt and what were you laughing at?