Friday, February 04, 2005

Lushy's questions...

Lushy posted her questions for me in response to my post from Wednesday. So here they be:

1. You win a 40 week van tour of Europe for 4 people. You can't talk to anybody but those three other people. Who do you take and why?
Good question. Love this one. Ok, I don't know the limitations on who the people are that I can take. I'm assuming it has to be people that I know. So here's my list:
1. The Twin, of course.
2. Our best friend Miranda. Because when you get the three of us together, it's break-out time! We have the BEST times together, always, always, always.
3. This one is hard. But I think my co-worker D.W. would fit in best. She's got kids, like the Twin does, and she'd fit in really well with the personalities represented in the van by myself, Miranda, and the Twin. All three of these girls have never been to Europe, either, so they deserve to go.

2. How much money would it take for you to eat a dog turd? (I know that's a weird question, but it's an ongoing discussion between me and my BF).
This depends on lots of things. Are we talking just one piece of poo? Or are we talking about a whole pile? Either way, I'd only consider eating maybe the poo of a small dog, like a toy poodle or a dachsund (sp?), or something like the teeny muts my sister has. And it'd have to be a LOT of cash. Not taxable. And I think I wouldn't take less than $100,000. Because, really, that's just the most disgusting thought ever. I'm gonna have to ask my friends this one sometime this weekend.

3. When was the last time you laughed until your sides hurt and what were you laughing at?
The last time was probably when I was home visiting for Christmas, and the Twin and I met up with our oldest friend Miranda and her hubby and her sister for dinner. We were laughing pretty hard at lots of things that night. I can't remember exactly what, but we always laugh very, very hard when the three of us get together. Isn't it funny that when I think of the times that I've laughed that hard, most of them have been when I was with Miranda and Twin, and I can't remember for the life of me what we were laughing at? Hm. There was a time we went to a Coco's for lunch in Mission Viejo, and we were already a bit punchy, but one of us was served a side of fries that included a still frozen fry. For some reason, this sent us into categorically insane giggles/straight up laughing out loud spasms that lasted throughout the rest of our lunch. I think we pretty much drove the other patrons and the waitresses to want to kill us, we were so obnoxious. But we were having so. much. fun. There was just no stopping it. And I can't remember why the fry made us laugh as hard as it did. I asked the Twin about that recently, and she can't remember either, but it did. And I'm glad we have moments like that every now and then.

And I haven't watched Garden State yet, but I will...soon. Maybe this weekend. Ooh! Or on my day off on Monday! That'll be fun. Thanks for the suggestions and questions Lushy!


Lushy said...

I know the dog turd question has so many variables that changes the amount of money. Believe me, we have covered all kinds of situations. Controlling what the dog eats for a week before, size and breed of dog, whether you get to use condiments or bread or not, whether you can chop it up into something else, etc. We've covered it all and it has a major effect on the amount of money required! I hope you have a great birthday weekend!

Anonymous said...

you realize that if i ever win the lottery, i'm gonna have a make-faith-eat-a-dog-turd fund...

FaithsTwin said...

I happen to have two yippy-yappy muts (best dogs EVER...well, next to our old Newfie Tara of course. She will always be first!) and I pick up their shit daily. I have to tell you, what those dogs eat smells TERRIBLY once it comes out. It actually doesn't smell so good in the bowl either, now that I think about it.

You couldn't pay me *any* amount of money to eat shit. None. Nada. Nanka. Niet. You people, in fact, are legally insane in my book for even discussing this subject. Seriously, check yourselves into the funny ward and all you have to say is, "I have a daily consideration of eating shit for money." White jacket would be snapped on before you can finish saying, "...shit for money."

Now, as far as the french fry goes, see you have to be there. First of all we had a male waiter and he happened to be kinda cute. Sent us into stupid mode right then. The Cocos wasn't very full, thank goodness, and remember the guy actually came out and was like, "How old are you? 17?" As if to say, "Act your age because 17-year-olds-don't-lose-their-coke-through-their-nose-over-a-frozen-fry. Ever." Also, I think it had more to do with the reaction Mandi had when she felt the fry and realized it was frozen. I mean, come ON, we *are* the masters of expression when it comes to what makes us pee our pants.

That's enough commentary. Don't eat poo. That would be - well- that would just be insane!

Faith said...
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Faith said...

Now, *THAT* is a completely new way of spending lotto winnings.

"Oh my GOD! You won the lotto? What're you gonna do with the cash?"

"Well, I'm going to buy a new house, of course, and then we're gonna go on a trip to Europe for a month, and then we're going to settle a bet with my friend Faith on whether she'll eat dog shit for $100, know, the usual stuff."

FaithsTwin said...

aaahahahahahahahahaaa!!! No kidding! Seriously. Win the lotto= buying $100,000 worth of shit for blog chick to eat. wwhhhaaaahahahahahahaha! God you people are funny!

*never mind that I am trapped in my house with a friends little girl who is sleeping soundly while Sesame Street blasts unnaturally loud from my living room; when I turn it down she instantly wakes up and says, "I can't hear it" in this super soft voice. Twice.*