Thursday, February 24, 2005

My Crack

I just want everyone to know that I had the BEST Diet Coke ever this morning. And it made my day.

God, I want was like Diet Coke crack, or something. But I can't have more...because then I'll just want even more, and the vicious cycle will have begun.

So I'm cutting it off before it goes any further. (It also helps that the McDonald's I got it from is not close to the office, and hell if I'm gonna drive up there for a refill on my Diet Coke. They'd probably get it from a different machine, anyway, and it wouldn't taste the same, and then my day would be all shot to hell because I went out of my way to get a refill of the sweetest Diet Coke ever, and all they wound up giving me was a refill of crap. So I won't be doing it...)

I'm going to go suck the last drops off the ice cubes in the cup now...


zagood said...

Isn't it bizarre how some places get the mixture JUST right at a soda fountain? WHY CAN'T THEY ALL BE LIKE THAT?

I've got a 7-11 by my work that does a pretty good job...then again, once I'm halfway through the SuperGulp, it's half melted ice anyway.

I'm such a pig.


FaithsTwin said...


the *only* way I like my Diet Cokes are fountain. I'm such a freaky ass about it, I plan on finding a fountain machine and getting the syrup so I can do it at home whenever I want. Probably cheaper in the long run now that I think about it...

Le Garcon. said...

I can only suggest knowing your own limits with the soft beverage. i've spent years developing and maintaining a delicate balance between adhering to, and painstakingly removing myself from my desire to put fresh (they must be fresh, 'tis where my addiction is held) jalapenos in everything i consume.