Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Short weeks ROCK!

Ok, so it's Tuesday already, which is just lovely. :)

It's snowing out, as expected and predicted, blah, blah, etc...It's just so weird when it comes to snow. Last week, we had a good amount fall, but it didn't really stick to anything other than trees and yards. When it hit the road, it melted. Today, it's obviously considerably colder out (bone-chilling, in fact...), so the good amount of snow that's falling (dumping, pouring, etc...) is sticking already. It's only been falling for about 45 minutes, and we have ground coverage, people.

I don't care. It's my BIRTHDAY dammit!! And I'm going to celebrate tonight by going to the Moose, and having someone buy my drinks. I just won't go home first, is the thing. Because if there's more than 3 inches of snow in my driveway, it's going to take some shovelling to get me in my garage. (Last year, about this time, the Twin came to visit for our 30th b-day. I'd seen my older sister do the gun-it-through-the-snow thing once - in her Volvo, mind you - so I thought I could do it. Yeah, we got stuck about halfway up my driveway. My car just doesn't do well unless it's an already-been-plowed-road it's on, or unless the driveway ahs been shovelled a bit. So I figure that I'll head straight to the Moose (even though I'm wearing the same sweater I was wearing last night. No one will notice...), and then head home later expecting to shovel my way in. I have boots. I'll be fine.

I do love the snow. And it's better that it's falling during the day, because that gives it the opportunity to be plowed from the streets, and all that good stuff. Man, it's really coming down out there! Sheesh!

Ok, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (and the Twin, of course...)! It's gonna be a good week, I think.


lyn said...

i'll definitely have one in your honor tonight! Cheers!

Faith said...

Thanks sista!

You'd think I would've already had one or two myself, what with all the typos in that post, right? Jeesh!

Anonymous said...

wow, it's your sister's birthday, too? what are the odds!

Happy Birthday to both of you.

p.s. i am so gonna win the lottery now. $100k will have your name on it. hahahahahahah

Lushy said...

Happy birthday Faith and Faith's Twin!!! Hope this is your best year yet!

FaithsTwin said...

Yes, yes...imagine that- it's her TWIN'S birthday too! Waht're the odds? Ok, you need some splainin'.

Faith and I are Feb 8

Our older sis and Bro are March 8, 5 years apart.

My oldest kiddo and our other older sister are July 20th, 30 years apart.

Creepy? MmmHhhmmmm. But then, nothing in our family isn't. In fact, you could liken us to a modern day Addam's Family. You wouldn't know it until you start talking to us, though.

Happy Birthday Twin! Hope you get home, or at least to the Moose, safely!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Faith, and to your Twin, too! Hope you both had a great one!