Thursday, February 17, 2005

This woman makes me laugh out loud just about every. single. day.

Dooce is one of my daily reads, of course. (Hopefully, she'll post more than once throughout the day, as I check often, and am always appreciative of finding something new up when I do...) But her post from yesterday afternoon about her dealings with her child becoming mobile was hilarious to me, and I wanted to make sure no one missed it.

I don't know how I can identify so well with the information she shares. I've never had a child, nor do I ever want to. But I guess just the watching of the nieces and the nephew as they went through the baby-to-toddler stage, and knowing that this is exactly what I saw, and it's EXACTLY how I would feel if I were a mom (and, undenyably, it's also breaking down the very reasons why I could never BE a mom!), it really hits the spot, and cracks me up the way she words it. It's perfectly eloquent, it is.

Plus, you have to love an ex-mormon who lost her job because of her blog that uses the word "fuck" as freely and masterfully as I wish I ever could.

Hahahahaha! DVD player in her lap! Bwahahahahaha! Her baby as an angry female boss!

Go. Read and see what I mean. I know that at least the Twin will appreciate it, but I hope more of you do than just her. I mean, it's just so funny, people.


FaithsTwin said...

I personally dug the "bit off a bit of carrot" spiel she did a couple days ago. Cracked me up! She is indeed a unique find on the 'net. Her and Jason tie for me. Maison is a close second.

Faith said...

Mikey cracks me up all the time, too. It's just that I can't comment on his site, for some reason, so I can't tell him so as often as I wish I could.

I especially like it when he talks about poo. Because poo is funny when you're laughing at it in the privacy of your own office.

FaithsTwin said...

No. That's just gross. But I know you like that subject. 'Cause you're a freak. o.