Saturday, February 19, 2005


Yeah, I got stood up.

I called the guy, as planned, waited until around 6:15 and never heard from him, so I went back to the Moose. Dave wanted to know what happened. I told him not to ask. He felt pretty bad for me, which was not my intention at all, really. But it was nice of him to be so "sad" about it, I guess...he told me to come over when I was done at the Moose and I did. He was pretty fucked up after drinking all day, but he was STILL drinking when I got to his house. We watched a movie, I played with his dog. I cried on him (because I'm so cool, and he was asking for it), he told me I deserve better and I agreed with him. He tried to get me to feel him up (is that what it's called on a guy? Oh, you know what I mean...), and as much as I would love for things to happen with us, I don't want it to happen on a night when I've been stood up, and when he's as fucked up as he is. So I told him to go to bed, and I came home. Dammit.

I hate men. But I sure hope I find a new one to date soon...:P

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lyn said...

dude, that sucks. and good for you that you left instead of hanging out with dave more.