Thursday, February 17, 2005

Well, it ended up being an exciting day for SOME people...

My brutha and his fiance had their baby last night! He's a healthy, happy boy, weighing in at 7 pounds, apparently. My bro sounds all happy and tired and peaceful. He just called to see if I'd heard the news yet. Which I did. Last night after I'd just fallen asleep, the twin called me all excited. (Dammit. I should've called her this morning when I woke up, so she could see why I was such a pill when she called me last night. Anyway...) Sorry for the bitter reaction, Twin. It is exciting news, but it wouldn't have changed any in between last night at 11:fucking15 my time and 7 a.m. your time this morning, right? I know, you probably wanted to talk about it. And I'm sorry. Really, I am. But I was totally asleep. Which is just sooooo nice, you know?

So yeah, something to celebrate fo sho. I'll be having a drink to my brutha and the future sis-in-law tonight at the Moose after work. Woo!

It's Thursday! It's Thursday! Which means it's almost Friday, and then I have a long weekend. I'm really hoping to get together with one of the boys I've been chatting it up with sometime this weekend. I wrote to one last night (not Trey...the other guy. Trey needs to write my ass back still...) and asked him if he's afraid to talk to me, or something, because he tells me to call him, and then I do, but he's out, and then he gets back too late to be able to call me back, blah, blah, etc...So I told him that I know he's busy (with work, as well as getting ready to head out of town for another trip to Spain), but we need to get together to have a drink (or two), or to take a walk around a park, or to have a friendly game of bowling, or something, because I'm getting tired of the back and forth shit, and need to meet him to see if there's even any point. He wrote me back this morning, but I can't read it since I'm at work. Dammit.

So while I'm all about standing back and letting the boy chase a bit (well, the new me is all about that, anyway...), I still think that some sort of movement needs to be made, and if he's not willing to make the movement forward (um, we need to MEET, you know?), then he's not interested, and it's time to cut it off where it is now. Which is nowhere, really, so no harm, no foul.

Anyway, I'm happy it's Thursday. YOU should be happy it's Thursday. Let's celebrate the day, huh? Sing a song, and dance about. Try not freak anyone out, though. General rule to singing and dancing about: if the majority of people around you do not join in, and are instead looking at you very oddly, and one of them picks up the phone to dial a number very slowly, you might want to stop the singing and dancing about. Just a suggestion.

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FaithsTwin said...

Boss is in a bad dancing for me! At least not in the office.