Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Well, that's just fabulous.

Trey saw me sitting at the bar last night with Dave. He would have come over to say hello, he said, but he thought I was "on a date."

I had no idea what to do with that info. I tried calling the Twin for help, but she never called me back, and her home phone is going directly into voice mail. Dammit.

So I wrote back to Trey, telling him that he should have come and said hello, that I didn't see him there, and that I was having a drink with Dave who is a regular at the Moose, and is always in the bar from around 4:30 to 6 every afternoon. I did not embellish and say anything of my torrid and crappy past with Dave, nor did I get all cutesy and say something like, "A date? What the hell is that? It's been so long that I don't even remember what a date is like!" I just told him I was sorry I missed him, and said I'd talk to him soon...I hope.

Should I have held out longer and not written to him? Jeesh...I'm tired of this cat and mouse bullshit. I want to go on a date and see if something is going to develop with one of these guys, already. GAH!

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