Monday, March 28, 2005

3 out of 4 isn't bad, right?

3 of the 4 teams I picked for the Final 4 are going to St. Louis. I picked Illinois, Louisville, North Carolina, and Duke. Who knew that Michigan State would be such a powerhouse? Not I. I can't wait to see what happens...

Is anybody else tired of Ashley Judd showing up all over little sports things here and there? I guess I've seen a fair share of Kentucky games this year, and she seems to be at every one of those things. The cameras all love to focus on her when things are going well for the team. It's ridiculous. I also saw an interview with her recently at some race...since her hubby is a nASCAR driver, or whatever, that made sense to me. But someone asked her if she's ever thought of going into sports broadcasting, and she was commenting back on that, and I wanted to throw up, so I turned the channel. She has a fucking career. Let's leave her to that, shall we?

My date on Saturday was fine. No sparks, unfortunately. And the guy called me twice yesterday. Which is excessive for the day after, IMO. So now he's bugging me already, which isn't good. I need a break from dating, for sure. I'm very happy all by myself right now, thank God.

Saturday, I went to the Moose to watch the Louisville game, and Dave was there, of course. Everything was fine, though. I ignored him, and he said hello to me when I got up to go to the bathroom at one point, and I said, "Hi." That was it. Then later, he mentioned to me that our other friend Dave had gotten a job, and I said, "That's great! I hope it works out for him." And then that was that. As he was leaving, he made some mention about how he was surprised I was rooting for Louisville, since I bet him and some other person that they were going to be taken out by Wake Forest. I said, "Dave I haven't talked to you in over two weeks, since before the tournament started, and I certainly haven't discussed my bracket with you. I picked Louisville to win the whole thing, so I don't know who the fuck you made that bet with, but it wasn't me." Then he left, and I was happy again. Until Tall Mike came in, and plopped himself down next to me to eat his dinner. Jerk. I was done, anyway, was definitely time to go home, as I was ready to start hitting on a cute guy down the bar that had a wedding ring on.

Sunday was the laziest day I've had in a looooong time. I didn't leave my house. I laid around in my pj's and watched movies and basketball and that new show called "Grey's Anatomy" on ABC after Desperate Hoochies was over. The reason why I wanted to watch "Grey's Anatomy"? The music they play during the show kicks ass. I love it. And it wasn't a bad show, really. Plus, I love me some Patrick Dempsey, my friends. Oh yes, he is a hottie.

And that was about it. Now I must get back to work, and stop stressing over the little things that are going on around me right now. The insignificant, stupid bullshit like the fact that since Dickhead has moved to northern California, he's become even more of a dickhead, if that's possible. And the possibility of a new job. And all that sort of stuff. It's all just a bunch of crap swimming around in my brain right now. But it'd be odd if there wasn't random shit just rolling about in there, I s'pose.

WOOHOO!!! I just got the standings for the pool I'm in at work, and I'm #1 baby!!! I knew I'd be in a good spot, due to the fact that out of 59 people, I'm the only one that picked Louisville to win the whole kit and kaboodle (and hopefully, they'll pull it off!), but I didn't think I'd be in the #1 spot! Man, I am in such a good mood, even the funky headache I have can't get me down. WOO!!, I say...

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