Monday, March 07, 2005

Busy, busy, busy!

The boss's boss is in town. So I don't have a lot of time to write much of anything. I've been hella busy all day long creating reports, serving coffee, and answering phones. Tonight, we're meeting for dinner, so I don't have any "me" time at all today, really.

Super-quick, the Dave thing was ugly. I have a tendency to be very open about things with everyone, and shared info about me and Dave with a friend of ours that we hang out with at the Moose. This friend then told Dave that I called him a "miserable human being", and basically was crying in my beer over him not wanting me when I was hanging out with him on Thursday night.

*blank stare into space wondering WTF??*

Um, no. First of all, I envy Dave and the life he's able to lead. However, I have said that I don't understand why someone would choose to be alone rather than to be hooked up with a cool-ass chick like myself. My friends all agree. This one particular friend decided to tell Dave his own lovely interpretation of what I'd said. Understandably, it pissed Dave off a great deal.

I understand that a lesson is to be learned in who I should vent and discuss relationship issues with from now on (i.e. the Twin, and ONLY the Twin...and of course out here on my blog that none of my friends at the Moose know about...), but I cannot comprehend why Dave didn't give me a chance to tell him my side of things. He left me a couple of scathing messages when he went home on Friday, and I was completely unaware that anything had transpired, which also stunned me, as the friend that I had shared stuff with and who had told Dave all this bullshit about what I'd said was the one I was hanging out with on Friday night until about 8:30. He didn't say a word about having had the conversation with Dave that he'd clearly had. So he's on my shit list right now.

I left messages for Dave trying to explain that I didn't know what had happened, and I finally received a call back from him on Saturday morning at about 9. He was still extremely angry, and still wouldn't listen to my side of things. He wanted to know if I was calling our other friend a liar, and I said that I was not, no. But if he was saying that I called Dave a "miserable human being", then they were HIS words, and NOT MINE. I tried to explain that I had most certainly not been crying into my beer over the loss of Dave, but that I had been talking about us, and I couldn't deny that. He wouldn't listen to me much, though. We finally hung up.

I then paced about the house, trying to figure out what to do. I finally left to go get a Diet Coke, and in doing so, I thought of doing something to try to make up for my folly. I went and bought Dave a lovely bottle of scotch (his favorite), and then found the most PERFECT card EVER!! It had a picture of a girl in pig-tails on the front of it (I wear my hair in pig-tails a lot...), and it said on the front, "Some people know when to shut up, and some don't." On the inside it said, "I think maybe I'm one of the kind that don't." It was soooo the message I was trying to put across. See, I know that I'd said too much. In trying to boost my own ego after his rejection of me, I spilled stuff about Dave and I that was personal, and it wasn't cool for me to just put it all out there like that, as it's basically an invasion of his privacy. I know it was my shit to talk about as well, but not with mutual friends of ours, you know? So I felt like I owed him an apology for that, although I did make it clear that what our friend had told him about what I'd said was not true. I also told him that I'm tired of him getting so angry with me, and I don't think I do anything to warrant his nasty behavior, and that he needs to help me to be a better friend to him. I took the whole shebang over to his house, and he walked to the door when his dog was freaking out barking at me as I approached, and he just stood inside and waved me off. I set the package down on his porch, and went back to my car (which I'd left running...I didn't expect he'd allow me in to chat, or anything...).

He called me on Sunday morning to talk, and we smoothed things over. I'd already made plans to go elsewhere to watch the KU game, but met up with him and my other friends at the Moose after the first half of the UNC game was over. We watched golf, laughed, drank, and I generally ignored the friend that had told Dave all the bullshit he'd told him. He was pretty much not saying anything to me, either. I had sat down at the opposite end of the bar from him when I'd arrived, rather than sitting next to him as I usually do. There was more room at the other end, though, so it made sense. I don't know if things will ever go back to normal, though. But I'm going to lay off the Moose for this week anyway. The weekend brings more basketball our way than I could possibly dream of, so starting Friday, I'll be in the middle of it hardcore. Saturday night, I already have plans to meet up with my old friend Michael. And Sunday, well, the big dance selection occurs, and I can't wait to see who gets seeded where.

I agree with Z's comment to my last post. I'm not looking to date anyone right now. If I run into the beauteous Ben again soon, I'm going to offer him my number. But I doubt I'll run into him. Dave is back to the super-unattractive level to me right now, and so I'm over that. I'm just hanging out with friends, and working, and trying to have the best time I can have. I just want to have a fucking good time right now.

So that's the update. Life would be boring without stupid-ass men making things interesting, IMO. But I sure wish they'd make life interesting for some other girl right now. I just wish they'd relax and want to fuck around a bit every now and then. Otherwise, I wish they'd leave me the hell alone, except to be the comic relief while I'm drinking a beer or two while watching a game.

Ok, it's starting to not make any sense to me when I read back over it, so I'm gonna go. Time to close up shop, anyway...Night y'all!


Ms. Pants said...

Your "friend" is not a friend. He's a loser asshole weed who needs to be pulled from your garden and put through a wood chipper, post haste.

FaithsTwin said...

Right on MintheP.

Dude, he's an older guy who's never been married and has had few long-term relationships for what are becoming obvious reasons. Maybe it would benefit ya to start acting as if he were a casual aquaintance? If that's possible.

Faith said...

I think ms. pants was refering to the "friend" that told Dave the shit that wasn't true, Twin. And I, by all means, am planning on not communicating with that person any more, if I can avoid it.

As for Dave, I'm not interested in dating him, Twin. He IS a casual acquaintance, but we hang around the same people during much of my downtime, so keeping the environment as easy going as possible is my goal. When he gets mad at me, it's my job to make things ok again, as he is not the grown up in the "relationship." If I want to be able to hang out around my other friends at the Moose without having to worry about Dave being a dick to me, then that's just the way it has to be.

It'll all be ok from now on, though. I've figured it all out, so I'm good to go. But thanks anyway.

Ms. Pants said...

Ahh, fuck 'em both. If they mind, they don't matter. If they matter, they don't mind.

I think they've both proven that they're in the "don't matter" category.

FaithsTwin said...

Exactly. They do NOT matter.

I know you're still gonna hang out there, twin. No biggie. I just hope you don't let what Dave says or how he acts bother you again. They're all evil bastards if you ask me.

Ms. Pants said...

Batteries don't talk back. They taste funny when you kiss 'em, sure. But there's something to be said for that whole not-talking-back thing.

Anonymous said...

Ok I have to laugh. You said you had no time to write and then comes this long thing about Dave. Who by the way does NOT deserve your friendship. You are soo so (TOO) nice to that idiot. IMO.
This is Cheri btw.
And I owe you dinner so name a day the week or weekend from the 20th to the 26th or any other weekend and I'm taking you out. I owe you and I need a nice night out with a fun girlfriend. AND we need to catch up.
SO anyway - Dave sucks but I'm glad you feel better that you worked it out!
I SO hope a good one comes your way soon (and mine) but that's another story.
Email me about dinner I need to see if I still have your number. Uggggh!