Sunday, March 13, 2005

I just need to talk...

So the weekend has been a good one, really. Friday night went splendidly, and Saturday had it's ups and downs, but ended on an up note, so that was nice. I spent yesterday morning out in my yard, finally cleaning up the tree limbs that had fallen during our last ice/snow storm a couple months ago, so I'm sure my neighbors are grateful to me for finally getting my ass in gear on that. I had to buy a saw to cut the largest parts of the limbs into smaller pieces, and I feel so good knowing that I can do it all myself. Although, at one point a guy was walking by, apparently out for a stroll as it was such a perfect day, and I thought of asking him if he had any desire to help me out in my yard. But I let him walk by without stopping him, and it was a good thing, too. I wound up looking lovely by the time I was all done. I was a perfect shade of dirt, and I smelled real purdy. It was hard work cleaning all that shit up.

Then I went to the Moose to watch basketball, and eat, and all that fun stuff. Made new friends with some very cool people who live in the neighborhood, watched KU struggle through their game before losing to OSU, and then I hung out until about 7, I think it was, just drinking and talking to the new people I'd met. I was meeting my friend Michael later, so I finally came home to change and to eat a bit of dinner, and then headed back out at 9-ish. Michael was DJ-ing at a bar close to his house, and apparently he gets tense when he DJ's sometimes. He was irritated that people were asking him to play hip-hop or rap (which he and I don't listen to. Not at all, so he had no idea how to pick it out for them...), and his headphones didn't work, so he couldn't listen to the music before playing it. He was being a pain at times. I was stuck at the bar talking to a deaf guy that wanted to make me into his new girlfriend. We wrote notes back and forth all night. Which was hard to do after a long day of Bud Lights, lemme tell ya. I finally left there at about 11, and went back to the Moose. I was wearing shoes that made me feel super-sexay, and decided that I wasn't ready to head home, so I went to visit my friend Angie, since she was gonna be bartending till close. Also, the live music on Saturday nights kicks ass there. And Angie had apparently made out with the musician the night before, so I wanted to go make fun while I could. Her friend Erika was there, and we chatted some. A couple of guys wound up talking to me, but I ended the night with a guy named David (I know, I know...don't even say it...), who was adorable, funny, tall...the whole package! AND he asked if we could get together sometime. Yay!! I gave him my cell number, and told him I hoped to hear from him soon. I'm afraid he's gonna do the whole wait a few days thing before he calls me. (Why do guys do that?) But I don't mind, really. I do hope he calls, though...

Today has been a fun day trying to recover from yesterday. Intensely sore from the yard work, and rather hung over from the drinking. It's been quite a combo of fun feelings all day long.

Oh, and great. Dave just called me. He heard, from 2 different sources, mind you, that after he left yesterday, I was telling the woman I made friends with last night that he and I had dated for an "extended period of time," and that I also said something about him having left because he couldn't handle being around me? I don't know. I stopped listening after a minute, to be honest. I told him that I don't know where he heard that, but after last week's lovely events, I wasn't talking about him at. all. The woman had asked where the tall guy with dark hair had gone, and I told her that apparently he went home at halftime. (I had run home to get my cigarettes, and when I came back, Dave was gone. He'd been an ass to me anyway, so I was glad he'd gone.) I simply told him that I didn't talk about him at all, I don't know who told him I did, and I was done with this. And then I hung up on him. He had said that if I couldn't let this "seeth" (um, huh?) then I shouldn't come in the bar any more. He's got another thing coming if he thinks that he can dictate where I should and shouldn't go. Asshole.

I'm shaking, I'm so mad. Gotta go write...hope everyone else has a better finish to their weekend than I'm gonna have, it seems.

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