Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's madness...MADNESS, I say!

I just picked my bracket for the tourney. I know I may seem insane, but I'm calling Louisville to win the whole kit & kaboodle. My reasoning:

I have Louisville going up against Illinois in the Final Four. Louisville has been a sleeper team, IMO. No one's paid it much attention in the Big 12, because they weren't up against us in any way throughout the season. But looking at their record (29-4), I'm impressed. I think they could surely kick Georgia Tech's ass, and Washington sort of snuck up on us all as a No. 1 seed, so I think they'll take them out, too. Illinois lost one of their final 2 games to an unranked team (which was AWESOME!), and then they had a bit more of a struggle than they should've had throughout their regional tourney last weekend. I think Louisville can take them out.

And Duke is great. I love Duke. I don't know why...maybe just the colors, or the location, or the fact that I have every confidence that they will put Roy Williams in his place when they go up against North Carolina in my Final Four prediction. Don't get me wrong...I loved Roy. Roy was the MAN. Until he abandoned Kansas, that is. The big schmuck. So he can suck it, and watch as Duke advances to play Louisville in the National Championship.

I think that Louisville will win the entire thing because they have the stronger record of wins vs losses (Duke is at 25-5 for the season), and while I know that some will say that Duke had a tougher schedule, I don't care. A game is a game is a game. They didn't play as many as Louisville, and they certainly didn't win as many.

So there you have it. I'm so excited!

(Unless of course Illionois winds up winning against Louisville, and North Carolina ousts Duke. 'Cause that'd suck. In that case, I'd call Illinois over North Carolina, easy. But my bracket is in pen, dammit. So I stand by my decisions...)

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zagood said...

too chicken to join my bracket? HMMMM?!?!!?!

get the info from lyn or have her give you my email...