Thursday, March 24, 2005

Little buns give me a headache.

I have little buns in my hair today...two of them. And while I love the way they look, and always tend to wrap my hair into them for my second-day hairstyling (I only wash my hair every other day during the week...), they hurt my head. Little buggars.

Potentially big stuff is happening. Big, big, big stuff. Not sure what'll pan out yet, but here's the run down: I have a buddy at my old temp agency keeping her eye open for new positions for me. It's been 3 years for me here at my current company, and while things have settled down considerably from the unhappy, shitty place they were a few months ago, I still feel like it's time to move on. IF the right thing comes along, that is. I want to work for a single exec. Not a couple of managers, as well as all their little peons below them. That lends itself to a constant babysitting situation in the admin world, and I HATE babysitting. I want to work for one person who has their shit together and knows what they need from me performance-wise on a daily basis. And who knows that I'm there for them, and only them, all the time. It's the relationship I used to have with my brother-in-law when I worked for him when he was COO of a company and we worked together in northern Cali. It was fantastic.

Anyway, the temp company that originally placed me at this here fine company I currently work for is one that I remain in contact with on a regular basis, because they supply us with our temps 90% of the time we have them in the city I work in. I sent my resume to my contact there about 2 months ago, and she called me today. With a fabu opportunity. It's an exec admin job for the CEO of a company that's in the same field I'm currently in. In the same city. And it's a young, cool environment, it seems. (I guess the other people they've sent over for them to interview were not the right fit. They want people with only 3 - 5 years of experience rather than 20 years. Works for me.) I'm a shoe-in for an interview, which will likely happen tomorrow. AND, they're starting the pay at $40,000, which is the minimum I'm willing to leave this job for. We're set to get raises in the next 2 months here, and my boss told me that he's requested the highest percentage they're giving per person for me this year, but there's no telling what that is. And even if they give me a 6% raise (which is NOT going to happen...), it still wouldn't put me at $40,000.

I have a feeling that if I tell him that I've gotten an offer elsewhere for $40,000, it might kick in some sort of counter-offer. (He really values my presence here in this region. As he should.) But that's all just conjecture, really. He might be so pissed that I went to interview elsewhere that he might tell me to fuck right off. Who knows? He's a cool guy, we get along pretty well, and he has to understand that I'm young, I'm alone, and I've got to do what's in my best interest. But who knows, really.

Anyway, it's making my heart go pitter-patter right now. My contact at the temp agency is submitting my resume, and we should hear back by this afternoon whether they want to meet with me or not. So we'll see...

I'm going to go get some Advil for my bun-head now. I'll keep y'all posted on what happens. (With the job thing. Not the headache thing. Because I know you could give a shit about my bun-head. :)

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