Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Man, oh man...

I think maybe the date from the other night might've found my blog. The e-mail he sent me wasn't specific, but he was apologetic for making me uncomfortable and for interrupting my weekend at all. Sort of makes a girl think.

This is why I would never tell a guy that I date about my blog, or how to find it, or anything of the kind. I did mention that I blog when we were watching the game the other night, and with enough ingenuity, it's not very hard to find this blog if you know my e-mail address and can locate a search engine. But it's only going to open you up to a world of pain if you date me and then check out this space. Because I put it all out there.

Why do I stay anonymous again? Oh yeah! So people don't find all the shit I'm saying about them!! Der.

Ok, "The Starlett" is on, so I must run. Remember, if you've dated me, you don't want to revisit this site ever. Just not a good idea. So, buh-bye now!

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