Saturday, March 19, 2005

Oh Mercury...what are you doing to me?

Let's see...a bland date didn't end until about 20 minutes ago. (It started last night.) I've never had such impaired judgement in my life. I don't think I'll drink ever again. It's just the worst idea ever.

I've been chatting with this guy online for about a week. Seems nice and funny...I gave him my number, and he called me last night to see if I'd be up for watching the KU game together. Sure! I told him to meet me at the Moose. So we hang out, we eat a little, we watch the game and the people around us that were entertaining in their own way. And this guy is very flirty. At one point, he leans in and kisses me. Okaayyy...kissing is all well and good, but this is a place I come to often, I know loads of people here, and they KNOW this is a first date. So I tell him I'm not really into the whole PDA thing. He's very touchy-feely, he says. And he thinks I'm just so pretty and cute...he can't help himself! I tell him to try.

I don't know why...when we left the bar and he asked if he could come over for a bit, I should've ended the evening right then and there, but I did let him come over. And having had a few beers, I made poor judgement calls about kicking him out to go to sleep (I didn't...instead I invited him to my bedroom. Jeezy Chreezy!), and then we rolled around until about 3, and I finally was all, "Ok! Time for sleepy!!" So we went to sleep. Or, rather, he did. And he snored. Lovely. So I finally put my earplugs in, and drift off, had a couple of weird dreams, and then woke up this morning to him pawing at me again. Bleh. SO not in the mood. Finally, he falls asleep again, and I get out of bed at about 9, because I want this to end so very badly. But he stays asleep.

I finally went to wake him up at about 10:15. And he STILL was hanging out even after that. He put on his pants (um, left the t-shirt on the floor in the bedroom, for some reason), plops down on the couch next to me, and it seems as if he's planning on hanging out and watching t.v. with me for the rest of the goddammed morning! I've told him maybe 3 times at this point that I really need to get started on my day. I've got yard work to do, and a car to wash, and hell, I just want to be alone now, mkay? So he puts on the shirt. And then he does it again; he lays himself out on the couch next to me. And this time he's trying to kiss me some more. Dude, get OUT my house! I told him, "Really. I MUST get started with my day. I don't want to be rude...I had a nice time last night, but I've got to get going now." And he gets up to put on his shoes! YAY!!!

I finally ushered him out the front door at about 10:45, and I called the Twin to vent very quickly about it. I'm such an ass. Why the FUCK did I let that all happen?

And KU lost. Dammit.

But my bracket is still mostly on target. Can't wait to see what happens today and tomorrow. It should be interesting, for sure! I can tell you one thing: I'll be sleeping alone for the rest of the week. *shudders!*


Julie said...

I used to have a "friend with benefits" like that...he'd hang around for DAYS. I remember once, it must have been at about the 24 hour mark, I needed to be alone. We were at late lunch and he said, "Let's go to a movie after this!" Like you, long, firm excuses and reasons were given, but he still came back with "Don't you want to spend time with me?"

Apparently not, dude! Go home!

Anonymous said...

Dude. Wear a rubber.

Faith said...
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Faith said...

Actually, "dude", there wasn't really a reason for a condom at all. My special date couldn't stay hard enough to do anything that made the night even remotely worth while. I don't think he would've been very good at it, either. Felt like I was getting a fucking exam from my gyno, or some shit. It was terrible.

And I think that what I do or don't do with my dates is up to me and them. So thanks for the advice.