Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Roller coaster lifestyle

I woke up this morning in a foul mood. And it only got worse, really, as the morning wore on. But I pushed through it, went to the meeting I planned for today where the boss's boss had his chance to say hello and to repeat all the same shit we've been hearing from the boss for the past 6 months (it's more important out of his mouth, though, because the boss's boss travels more and makes more money, right? Right...), and then had a lovely lunch where I taunted my favorite coworker, and he taunted me right back. In continuance with the shitty morning, though, I started to get a reaction to something (the iced tea? The ranch dressing? The fucking AIR??) on my upper lip, which revealed itself in the most flattering red, inflamed way directly under my left nostril. I then had to get my ass out of there as soon as possible, as it was clearly making people uncomfy, and I failed to say goodbye to the boss's boss and his coworker that came into town with him. You know what, though? I bet he didn't even notice or care.

Last night's dinner was terrible. I was ignored by the waitstaff, I was ignored by my boss's boss and my coworkers, and just wanted to get the fuck out of there. I looked forward to eating my leftovers for breakfast (because, thank goodness, at least the food was good last night), only to find that the restaurant had given my coworker my dinner, and I got her's. We had the same thing. How did I know it was her's when I opened it this morning? I only ate two of the shrimp that were on my plate of pasta last night (the crummy service really did a number on my appetite), and she had clearly eaten 5, as that was how many shrimp tails were in my take-home container. And she ate way more of the dinner than I did. So I was pissed. It was the straw that broke the camel's back...I wrote a good long note to the restaurant online, and by 5 p.m., I'd heard from 2 different managers, one of which offered me a free replacement to the dinner I never got to eat, as well as some "credit" to the restaurant (the coupons he offered me should arrive tomorrow, or so...), and the other one I haven't called back yet, because it was late when she called me, and I didn't really want to talk about it all anymore tonight. I'm glad that my complaint might help them, training-wise, and I'm glad they offered to replace my dinner that my company paid for but that I didn't get to enjoy (my coworker's husband apparently took it with him as his lunch at work today. They had no idea that there was a problem or a mix up. And my coworker and I are keeping it a secret from him...I don't have cooties, or anything, but the thought of eating left over food - particularly pasta - that belonged to a total stranger? Gross...just, no. Shouldn't be done...), and I'm really looking forward to things just moving on at this point.

Ever feel like everything was just going downhill?

OH! And get this!! Yesterday, a coworker that I'd left a message for last week finally called me back, as she'd been out of the office for about 2 weeks. I'd left the message not knowing she was gone for all that time. And her voicemail simply said she'd be out for the day on the 21st of February, so I was confused when I received an out of office reply to an e-mail that told me she'd be out until the 7th. So first thing I tell her is that she really should've changed her voice mail before she left for two weeks, and then we discussed the matter I'd originally called her about, and as we were finishing up, I said, "So, how was the vacation?" Yeah...she wasn't on vacation. Her father had been in an accident on the 21st, hence the message she'd left on her voice mail that day saying she'd be out. By that first evening, he'd slipped into a coma that he never came out of, and then he died last week.

Um...holy shit.

So, let's see...I picked on this woman about her voice mail message, sent her an e-mail inviting her to a meeting accidentally, and had to uninvite her, and then top it all off by asking her how her vacation was when she was actually out watching her father slowly die until her family decided to pull the plug last weekend.

WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME HER FATHER HAD DIED???? Jeezy chreezy, I love my idiot coworkers sometimes.

So that's how my week has started out.

Let's start the betting now. Will it get worse? Or will it get better? Tell me what way you lean, and I'll let y'all know who wins. Fun, eh?


FaithsTwin said...

Last night I called to fill Dad in on my bloodwork and kidney sitch just to keep him up-to-date.

I then asked him for a loan to help dig me out of my debt I incurred this past couple years on my credit card and a personal loan I took out and he FUH-LIPPED! We talked for about an hour and then he goes, "Is there any other bad news you want to lay on me?" So I decided to play up his love for the grandkiddos. "Maddy is riding her bike without training wheels and Hannah is really good at double-digit multiplication."

Soooooooo totally the right direction to go in, I tell ya. He instantly perked up and sounded way less disapointed in me when I reminded him of the only two things I've done right in my lifetime. :)

Have kids- they make everything better!

P. McB. said...

I'm gonna take the "it will get better" wager.

And to make it more interesting, using my psychic hat and powers, it will get better at 3:30pm on Thursday. Don't ask me why... the hat don't give reasons, just dates and times LOL.

zagood said...

oh, stop it. If you keep concentrating on the bad stuff you're going to drive yourself crazy (if it's not too late already).

Take friday off and just get out of your house and your life. Stay at some hotel in town friday night and watch the game in the hotel bar. Pick up on some annoying businessmen from out of town. Make up a story about how your house is getting fumigated and your landlord/HOA is paying for you to stay there.

Sometimes it's nice to be on vacation on familiar ground.


FaithsTwin said...

We all are a bit crazy in our family, Z.

Um, did you know Costco sells caskets and urns? They're fugly, but they have 'em real cheap!

Faith said...

Oh, my dear zagood. Clearly you have some distorted view of my current financial status. See, I'm not rich. Actually, I'm back to being rather poor right now. So unfortunately, the idea of taking a day off that I don't have the luxury of taking off and hiding out at a hotel/hotel bar on Friday is pretty much impossible.

But DAMN if it doesn't sound like fun, man. I wish I could. It's a fabu suggestion.

And focussing on the negative is what a blog is all about, babay! So nyah! :P

zagood said...

Take some Kahlua to Motel 6 and hang around the coffee pot in the lobby?

Just a suggestion.