Tuesday, March 15, 2005

See, even famous people do it.

Really? "Miss Congeniality 2"?

Ok, did someone not learn a lesson from the disaster that was "Speed 2"?

Can the people who make movies like this do me a huge favor, and the next time they'd like to throw a couple of million dollars down the toilet, just go ahead and send it to me? I've got WAY better ways to spend it, guaranteed.

Hollywood is disgusting sometimes.


FaithsTwin said...

I so love Sandra Bullock, but how *IS* this movie a good idea on her part?

At least Matt Damon says in order to do a third Bourne he HAS to read a fantastic script or they've ALL decided it won't work.

Didja know he's won 2 "Best Actor of the Year" awards?

mikey said...

sadly, when it comes to blockbuster sequels, hollywood thinks "Spider-Man 2" before "Speed 2".

don't lie. you know you're gonna watch it. maybe not in the theater, but you will watch it.

FaithsTwin said...

Mikey broke me! OK- I WON'T LIE! i WILL SEE THIS BAD MOVIE! BUT ONLY FOR ONE REASON: I dig the chick in it who is from Jerry Maguire and Ray. When she does comedy it cracks me up. But I'll wait for video, thankyouverymuch.