Friday, March 18, 2005

Shit. Dammit. And all that good stuff...

Mercury goes into retrograde tomorrow. Fuck.

I know that loads of people don't believe in the whole horoscope thing,a nd it's not that I do either, really, when it comes to fortune-telling or anything like that. But I do believe that the location of the planets, their "heavenly" activities (such as Mercury heading into retrograde, etc...), and the time and date we were all born has some sort of determination to a part of our personalities.

Mercury has been in retrograde far too much lately. And every fucking time it happens, my life heads into the toilet. Well, my mood does, anyway. So after tonight, I'm pretty sure that I will be keeping mostly to myself for at least the next week. I'm not sure how long the retrograde goes on for. And it's not like I'm letting it predetermine my next couple weeks' activity or anything. It's just that I'm sure it will effect me negatively. So when I'm sitting around next Wednesday, crying for no reason, wondering why I don't have any friends, I will suddenly remember that Mercury is in retrograde, and that's why I'm feeling like such hammered shit.

Isn't nature wonderful?

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