Monday, March 21, 2005

Something funny happened on the way out of the office...

Ok, this is cracking me up whenever I think about it, and I can't stop thinking about it, so I must chat about it and be done. My co-worker and I were leaving the office together tonight, and as we got in the elevator, we were chatting about the silly dresses I was looking at on Amazon before the end of the day (I have a gift certificate I would like to use, but I don't know what to buy...), and the guy that was in the elevator with us totally farted! It was a silent one, but made itself known after half a second had passed. My coworker started to crack a grin, and I was willing her not to do it, because if she laughed, then I would laugh, and all would fall apart. We only had 5 floors to go down, dammit! Surely we could hold it together that long!

Thank goodness that the guy went out the front door of the building while my coworker and I went out to the back parking lot. We laughed and tried to figure out why a person would do that. Initially, I thought it was one of those things he just couldn't hold in, but there's a part of me that thinks that maybe he's one of those guys that can let one rip whenever he wants, and he saw the perfect opportunity when the elevator doors opened on our floor, and he saw the two of us getting in. Who knows? But it was soooo funny to me! I had to share.

Also, on a totally different note, is anyone else sick to death (no pun intended...well, maybe.) of this Schiavo thing? Is that how you spell it? I mean, hell, after the amount of media crap that's been going on about it over the past 5 days, I would figure we'd all be somewhat intimate with not only the spelling of the woman's name, but also her shoe size, and whether she's left handed or right handed. CHRIST! Have we had enough already? I mean, is it our business, really? Does anyone know that there was a huge earthquake in Japan today? Like a 7.0, or something. Isn't that bigger news than the fact that this family will fight on and on over something that is TOTALLY a decision her husband should make? And what the FUCK is with the government intervening? I'm just sick of it all. Want it to go away, please.

Ok, that's the end of my rant for tonight. Time to treadmill. Bleh.


FaithsTwin said...

I haveta disagree with ya, Twin. I mean, I don't like how the media is all over the case, however I think it's an important one for people to know their situation if something were to happen to them!

People might think having a living will would help them through something like this. But it wouldn't end just there. We all should look into what we would want in case something happens to us. I mean, I would want to be let go. I'll tell you that much. But look at the parents of that woman: they are- and have been- so capable of being there for her DAILY and WANT to be. My big question is (and maybe I should find a place to ask someone this) WHY isn't that guy divorcing her? It MUST be an available option, but why isn't he doing it? He keeps saying 'it isn't something she would have wanted...' but guess what? She isn't able to SAY that now, and her parents WANT to be there for her, so the simple answer would be, LET HER GO and move on with your life as best you can. She and her hubby took it upon themselves to talk about what she would have wanted, but that isn't good enough; they failed to go the final steps to deal with it...AND she had an eating disorder that made her vulnerable to something happening! He, IMO, does not have the right to tell her parents they "talked" about it and he "knows what Terry wants."

I, personally, don't think anyone in our family would take care of me the way they take care of her. I wouldn't want to lie in a hospice with maybe a nurse or two checking on me during their shift. THAT is why I would want to just die. But if you or anyone else went through what this family are going through, I would drop it all to be there for you night and day. period.

NOW, as far as the guy farting in the elevator? Yeah, I accidentally let one fly when alone in one and then I was all, "OMG, am I high!" Thank goodness no one got on before I got off my floor, but I prayed it would fade before anyone else had to get in there.

Faith said...

Ok, if you're going to disagree with me for that long a paragraph, just get your own blog, why dontcha? :P:P:P:P

She's been kept alive this way for 15 years, right? No one should care about this except her family, period. Not the rest of the goddammed world, not congress, not the flippin' president. No one. There isn't a snow ball's chance in hell that I would fight to keep someone that is braindead alive for that long, regardless of their relationship to me. I think it's cruel and unusual punishment, and I think it's a load of crap. I don't care whether she had a living will, or if she and her hubby had only talked about it before it happened.

They ALL need to move on. (And I'm pretty sure that in order to get a divorce, both parties involved have to be of sound mind, and have the ability to say that they agree to do so. I don't think that could happen in this case, eh?)

FaithsTwin said...

Well, the federal court said they won't reinsert the tube, so I guess it doesn't matter that the Pres got involved anyway.

She isn't braindead. She is severely brain damaged, but when you watch the video of her you can see she is totally able to express emotion, and is able to emote sounds...I don't believe that's activity of a braindead individual myself.

In any case, the ONLY reason the parents took it to such a high level (involving government) is because they are desperate and don't want their child to die. I feel for them and though if I were in their situation I can't say I wouldn't do everything to save Maddy or Hannah, I wouldn't want the media coverage as they've had.

No, there are divorces where the other person, if proven unable (I think that's pretty open and shut with Terry) that can be done from only one of the parties. It's not that hard, but he won't do it and it's driving me batty to try and figure out why. Maybe she has life insurance he would get if she dies as opposed to divorcing her? I dunno.

Faith said...

That's one of the arguments I've heard lately, yeah. Apparently, people think he just wants her gone now because (a) he wants to marry someone else, and (b) he wants the money.

I haven't read enough or watched enough on it to follow it that closely. I just don't care about it. It's not my life, nor is it anyone in my family, so I want it to go the fuck away.

I'm wondering how all those poor people in Japan are doing after the earthquake the other day, and whether they've figured out why that kid shot all those people in Minnesota yesterday. This might've been more interesting if it hadn't been taken to such ridiculous levels, IMO.

FaithsTwin said...

I knew about her case before they took it to the level it's at. I don't know why we've heard so much about it here, but we have and I know most of the in's and outs. EXCEPT why that guy won't divorce her. He's got 3 children with his girlfriend, too.

The kid that shot all those people was a neo-nazi. Not that that explains WHY he did it, but those types, who self proclaim themselves better than all because they are white, tend to be a bit off their rocker to begin with.