Friday, March 11, 2005

Too...many...little...things! My head is going to blow, man!!

Yes, blogspot is being an asshole covered in poo the past couple of days. It's not a happy place to be. I did not know that it was giving so much trouble to people who want to comment, though. I just thought I'd become really, really boring and everyone was finally at their wits' end. Maybe you are. Who knows? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T COMMENT TO TELL ME ANYWAY!! Mwahahahahahahaha!!

Really, though, I'm tired of it. It takes me 8 and a half hours to post one goddam post, and it's frustrating as not getting fucked when I need to.

Also, just so folks know, because some are writing me e-mails, I can see that you've sent me e-mails, but I can't read them. It's a weird thing that my work accesses allow for. I can log in to my Yahoo! account, and I can read my horoscope, and I can fool around in the Yahoo! Personals all I want. But as soon as I click on my inbox (hm...I actually haven't clicked on my inbox since last weekend...I might need some of that soon, it seems...), I get the Internet Advisory bullshit. So thanks for writing me Ms. Pants and Lyn. I'll read your notes as soon as I get home tonight...

Missouri is losing to Oklahoma right now. HA!! Also, UNC was losing last I checked, too. Which is a double HA HA!!! OOH! I just checked and Missouri LOST to Oklahoma! Wheeeeee!! But UNC somehow pulled out a win over Clemson. Bastards. Oh's just the regional tourneys this weekend. Doesn't really have any bearing on what will happen on Sunday when they announce the seeds for the Big Dance.

Jeezy Chreezy I'm excited...

Did everyone know that Mikey asked me to be a panelist on his Match Game this week (he asked me last week, too, but I got all flustered, and didn't turn in my answers in time to make the cut...), and in his description of me as a panelist, he called me "cute" AND "funny". I'm so flattered! Thanks Mikey!! And to be sure, my friend, I am indeed single. Single as the day is long. Shocking, I know. I seem so emotionally healthy and makes no sense to me either. :P

So that's it. Any bets on how long it's going to take before this post publishes? I'm going with 5 minutes before it gives me the "server error" or "Proxy Server not responding" message, and than I'll have to try all over again...we'll see...

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