Friday, March 25, 2005

Update to end the week...

The first interview went was with the HR director, and she was a very cool chick. I learned all kinds of stuff about the company and the transition it's going through. My would-be boss is "intense" she says. Sounds good. I dig the intense guys. They bring a passion and excitement to a job for me that makes me very happy. And sometimes stresses me out so much that I get stomach aches, but that's never a big deal, as long as the money is there.

Anyway, if they invite me back for a second interview, it will happen next Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't know what I'll use an excuse with the coworkers in that case. I told them I was going to the dermatologist today. I guess I could hope for a lunchtime appointment, and say I'm going to meet up with Old Best Friend (whom I haven't seen in ages, but I digress...). But we'll have to see.

It was weird, though. I was soooo nervous before I left the office for the interview, I thought I might actually throw up. I mean, I had to breath slowly to make it not happen. And I was sitting here telling myself that it's not a big deal, really. I still have a great job that I'm very comfortable with and am happy at most of the time. But I think the nerves came from the lying to my coworkers about where I was going, and about what's happening. I don't usually share this sort of thing, by any means. Not with all of them. But I do with the one. And I'm not telling her this time because she's got a lot of shit going on right now, and she gets freaked out when I talk about interviewing. I hate doing that to her. I freak out when I hear her talking about doing it, too. So I can understand what she's going through. But there's totally no point in even bringing it up until an offer is on the table. So I'm being sneaky and conniving, and it's very uncomfortable for me. In fact, just thinking about it makes me feel ill again, so I'm going to stop thinking about it now...

I also have a date with a cute, sweet, funny boy tomorrow...for lunch this time. I'm not taking any chances. :) I'll be drinking Diet Coke, thankyouverymuch. I'm looking forward to hanging out with this one. He seems to be very similar to me in lots of ways, so it should be interesting.

And that's what's going on with me. Tonight, I will be watching movies that I plan on renting, drinking some beer, eating some of the BEST moo shu (or is it mu shu?) chicken in the fucking world, and hoping that my picks make it to the Elite Eight. Last night, Illinois pulled off a win, and I watched as Louisville beat Washington (YES!!), and then I went to bed before the other games were finished, so I have yet to check out my bracket on that. West Virginia took out Texas Tech, thank GOD, because I was tired of those fuckers being in the dance. Neither one of them were my picks to advance this far, though, so all I can hope for is that Louisville keeps up the good work, and kicks ass like I chose them to do.

I love this weekend already, and it hasn't even started yet. :D

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lyn said...

glad the interview went well.

smart on the lunch date.