Friday, March 04, 2005

Why is the sky blue?

I think there was some pot in the cookie I just ate.

My coworker is a very cool chick whom I get along exceedingly well with. Well, most of the time. Because, as we all know, I can be quite a bitch every now and then (read: every waking hour of every single day of the year, except between 5:45 p.m. and 6:03 p.m. on the 3rd day of the 6th month), and she has to put up with it, as we spend more time with each other than we do with any other person we know.

Anyway, she's a very cool, black chick. And we like to refer to her "people" as the "Emerging Market People", because in the industry we're in, black people, hispanic people, and asian people are all considered to be an "Emerging Market" for us to sell to. So, for example, when she left her staple remover in my office just now, and I held it up for her, and told her it wasn't mine...and I knew it wasn't mine because (a) I hadn't taken mine out of my drawer all day, and (b) it just felt different from the way mine felt, she came and took it, and said, "Oh, you don't want it because it's the Emerging Market color, huh?" So we continued on this path of amusing ourselves, and I replied, " staple remover is white. Because I'm white, and I don't use black staple removers." She replied, "So the cookie you just ate, with the chocolate chips in it? How do you get around that?" And I said, "Well, most of the cookie is white around the chocolate chips, so it's ok. You'll notice the popcorn I ate earlier? Yeah, it's white." Then I said I had to go to the bathroom, "to throw up the cookie I just ate, because I couldn't stand the blackness being in my belly."

This sort of conversation makes us laugh, believe it or not. She knows I haven't a racist bone in my body, and she doesn't either. So it makes it easy to play.

While I was in the bathroom, I started thinking of all the things that are white. Paper is white, I thought. Then I started wondering what it'd be like if paper was all black, and we wrote in white pen. How weird would that be? And I asked my coworker this when I returned from the bathroom, and she said, "It wouldn't be strange at all, because we'd be used to it if it had always been that way!"

That's when I started thinking that maybe there was some crack being piped in through the air coming into our office today. Because we are slap-fucking-happy this afternoon, lemme tell ya.


Ms. Pants said...

There's a girl here like that. She's fucking hilarious. The other day, I guess I mumbled something and she shot back, "Niggawhat?"

I kinda stared at her and then busted out laughing. And then she realized and started laughing. And then, she says, "I'm sorry, I forget you're white." Which made me laugh harder.

But I guess the more I think about it, the cooler that comment is.

mikey said...

sadly, i know the answer to this off the top of my head.

the sun emits light of all colors, wavelenghts, etc. well, the Earth's atmosphere acts as sort of a filter... and, as it turns out, the wavelength for blue light is the one that penetrates the atmosphere the easiest. hence, we see blue.

now, as the day goes on, the angle of the sun's rays to the atmosphere changes, so that blue's wavelength isn't the one that passes through the easiest... can you guess what happens here? well, because the angles have changed, now, reds and oranges pass through more easily, which is why sunsets seem to be a different color.

i typed all that while listening to New Kids on the Block. i'm weird.

FaithsTwin said...

yer all fuckin' weird.

lyn said...

thanks faithstwin, we know we are.

Faith said...

God, I love you guys. You make my day!

zagood said...

nice, mikey. My mom always said, "you know, your dad's no fun because when you ask him a question like that he knows the answer and tells you the truth." I try to take after him. Rhiannon, on the other hand, would explain it like "the sky's blue because the earth is surrounded by orbiting smurfs."

She was a biochem major?