Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Starting off the day the Tiga way...

"You're just a parrot and you're screaming and you're shouting, 'More crackers, please! More crackers, please..."

I love the Tiga "DJ Kicks" album that I was able to pick up when I was at Coachella last week. I'm not usually a house music/electronic "thumpa thumpa" type music sorta chick, but my Big Brother made an edit of a few songs from this album last year for the Christmas Musical Fruitcake he gave us, and I fell instantly in love with it.

This morning, track 9 was what was playing during the final stretch of my drive into work. Called " Soft Cell", it seemed to get into my driver's seat and permeate from the bottom up. I had it at the perfect volume level, and I don't think I've had any music that's been played in my car that has ever surrounded me like that song did this morning. It was perfect.

I also started my new wake-up-and-work-out-in-the-morning thing today. I wake up about an hour earlier than usual to walk for a half hour on the tread, and then do some sit-ups and stretch. It worked out well this morning, as the Style Network has on "Fashiontrance" from 5:30 - 6:00 a.m., and then I found that they air new "Nigella Bites" episodes at 6:00 a.m. I think it was It was new to me, anyway. I don't know if they follow the same pattern every day, but if so, then I'll be happy for a bit, as long as they keep it up. "Fashiontrance" is a show dedicated to fashion shows that happen everywhere from NY to Paris, and they don't have any talking...just the runway show and music, along with some pop-up type stuff that lets you know little facts about the designer that's being featured, or makes mention of the "key item" in the particular outfit that's being modelled, etc...For example, this morning, I caught the Spring 2005 collection of a designer who apparently has had no formal training, doesn't even like to sketch his designs prior to creating them, and who's pre-show entertainment was a ballerina dancing about. I can't remember his name, but he had some pretty cool clothes. Oh, and apparently, the famous people in the front row included Ivana Trump and Katie Couric (???), and this particular designer is known for the way he "drapes" his fabrics. It was a lovely collection. And I love watching fashion shit like that. They used to have this really great show on every morning that I would watch instead of watching "Good Morning America" while eating my breakfast, but it's not on any more. The chick that hosted it is tall, and skinny, and dark haired, and has a really unusual New York Accent (kind of a NY drawl, if you will...), and I think she's a biggy in the fashion-entertainment industry, but I can't remember her name right now! Dammit...she always ended her show by saying, "Come back next week, when we'll show you more style, fashion, and glamour!" Anybody know who I'm talking about? That's just going to drive me buggy. Anyway, they don't have the show on any more, and it's not even in their show listing on their site, so oh well. I liked it lots. I miss it. But they do have Fashiontrance, Fashion File, and Video Fashion Weekly to keep me in the know on what's going on every season. So I guess I'll let it go.

Anyway, I'm switching my workout times because I never am in the mood to go home and workout after work these days. And every time that I've been in my best shape, I've always been in the early-morning-workout pattern, so I figure this'll be a positive change. Though my coworkers might wind up disagreeing with that logic after a week of me waking up early every day. :) But we'll see. I have at least 2 skirts that I'd like to fit into in my closet by the time June rolls around, so it must be done.

Boring, boring, boring...moving on! Have a good day, all. Check out some Tiga, and get in a good damn mood.

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