Friday, June 10, 2005

Oh, it is SOOOOOO over.

It's Friday, y'all. Shaking of booty and drinking of beer shall commence in t-minus 3 hours.

The kiss of death has come into my life, it seems. Let's see...a couple of weeks ago it was the horrible accident that killed my coworker's sister. And during that same time, my other coworker was going through a long drawn out death with her father-in-law, and even though the death didn't actually happen until last week, it seemed like it was actually a 3-week-long deal. Poor thing. And THEN some other coworkers had deaths in the family, but they aren't coworkers I deal with day-to-day, so they didn't hit me as hard as the others. But it still sucks all the same.

And yesterday, my coworker that is the co-admin in the office came in and told me that the deli downstairs was closed, and that they had a note on the door that said it was due to a death in the family. Thing is, we know those people pretty well...I'm in there every day, sometimes twice. I've known them for over 3 years now. So when my coworker told me about the note on the door, I immediately wondered which family member had died. And I remember thinking that I hoped it wasn't Samantha. (She's the daughter of one of the owners of the deli, and she's been helping out in the deli for the last 6 months or so. She's a real sweetie, and I think it's so funny that her dad is such a grump when she's so very nice all the time.) But today we received an e-mail from the building management that told us that Samantha did die. And her sister is on life-support. (I don't know that I've ever met her sister, though...) And I don't even know where to begin to try to understand what the FUCK is going on around me lately! All these people are dying! It's weird, weird, weird...

Anyway, coworker and I are tearing up over the thought of it. We don't know how we'll be able to go in there without crying once they do re-open the deli. We signed a card that we're going to give, and apparently the management office is collecting donations for them, so I might give a bit there as well. I just don't get it. And the first thing that enters your mind, even though you really don't want it to, is "What next?"

So I'm going to drink tonight. And the coworker is coming along. It's been quite a week, and I know I deserve it, dammit. We're supposed to get horrendous storms again tonight, but I don't give a fuck. I will fall asleep quite contentedly drunk, I'm sure, and if a twister comes to get me, it's going to have to take my bed along with me!

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lyn said...

drink one for me, girlie :)