Thursday, June 02, 2005

Suck your WHAT? I wanna talk to your manager...

Last week, I thought I'd take a moment to finally go into one of those online car insurance quote comparing thingies, and find out where I could get cheaper insurance from for my car. IF I could get it. (I pay about $95 a month right now, but I have really decent coverage, and it's a 2002 BMW we're talking about, so it's gonna be a bit high, no matter what.) See, I've talked to my dad about it before, and he gets all bothered that I pay as much as I do, and tells me that I should look for better deals, blah, blah, blaaahhhh. But he doesn't understand. My home owner and car insurance is through the same company, and I get a discount because of that. I'm also, oh, about 35 years younger than him, and that could also factor into the higher rate, you know? Anyway, his voice is always poking me in the back of my brain, so I finally did something about it.

Yeah, his voice has turned into constant, extremely LOUD laughing in the back of my brain. And it's me doing the all the insurance companies that have sent me quotes over the past few days. One was relatively close to my current rate. About $115. Some others I've received have just been somewhat silly.

But last night, I opened one from GMAC. And AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I want to call them up just so I can do that in their ear. Ok, their envelope says on the outside, "Here's the money saving vehicle insurance quote you requested!" They're all excited! I'M excited because they're excited! So I open the envelope, and it says, "Based on the information you provided and the above coverages, the total cost to insure your vehicle for six months (mind you, this is just for six months) is $1,643.00." The above coverages they refer to are the same ones I have on my car right now. And I pay about $1,128 for 12 months through my current company. And they want me to pay them about $274 PER MONTH in order to get their insurance.

Are they HIGH???

Maybe it's so expensive because I can "...easily switch to GMAC insurance with one toll-free phone call!" (Yes, they're excited about that as well...) I don't know. But hell if I'm gonna switch to their company when it costs that much for basic insurance!

Also, word to the wise: when you fill out those online quote comparison thingies, you will get quotes from LOADS of companies. I put in fake phone numbers, and was reluctant to put in my home address, but I did anyway, and I used my "faithsista" e-mail at Yahoo, so my personal e-mail wouldn't get overwhelmed. And it was a good thing I did that stuff! Because it's amazing how many companies have been sending me quotes. Oh, and the Geico one required me to put in my SS#, which I'm really regretting, because they probably pulled a credit report, dammit. Hopefully, they only pulled it once.

But at least I got a little bit of entertainment out of it, after all. $274 a month. Jeezy chreezy...


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