Sunday, July 31, 2005

The dancing something or other*...

*FYI...had to change the title of this post in order to read the comments, and join in the fun. My work internet is just so weird...

That's right. The new boyfriend can actually move his penis about at will. He makes it talk to me when we're lying and cuddling sometimes. Who would've ever thought that I would fall for such goofiness? (Another advantage to the control he has over it? He lasts forever when we're having sex. It's pretty cool.) I told him one night when we were lying in bed that I have a talent for making non-animated objects (like stuffed animals) look alive. Kind of a puppet thing, but I can do it with regular stuffed animals as well as puppets. It's fun. I asked him if he had any odd talents, and he finally admitted the penis-thing to me. So we're lying there just hanging out, and he tells me to look down, and then he says, "Hey..." as it lifted itself up. I collapsed into giggles immediately, of course. It just looked so damned funny to me at the time. I don't's an unusual talent, that's for sure. Maybe more men have this ability, but none have ever shown it off to me. It cracks me up.


Monday, I will decide whether or not to give my notice at work. I will also be going to a birthday party for one of the new boyfriend's friends, and meeting several people that he's been wanting me to meet. (Should I take red wine or white wine, do you think? I guess I'll ask the opinion of the sales person at the liquor store when I go to pick it up, but comment and let me know what you'd prefer for a gift...) So I'm looking forward to the day, overall. I'll be taking Tuesday morning off, accordingly, so that I can sleep in and not have to worry about making myself sick with all this late night action that's been going on. I slept like a rock on Friday night, and we were able to sleep in, which was lovely. Last night, we stayed up a bit too late, but I didn't care, because I didn't have to go to work! But boyfriend did, so I felt a bit for him there. I went back to sleep after he left at 7:40, and then I took another nap at 3 today, which was delicious. I haven't left the house all day long, except to go out back and mow my lawn a little bit ago. It's been a perfect little weekend, really.

Now I need to go do my nails, and get ready for bed. Because tomorrow is an early wake up day for working out. Ugh. (For the record, I'm now down 7 and a half pounds since starting with the new boyfriend. Not too shabby, I think!)

I shock myself with the excitement I'm sharing with you all. Really, I'm sorry about that. The work stuff is sort of interesting though, right? I don't is just so mellow right now. Under control and comfy. Which is weird for me. And I guess I don't know how to make it sound more interesting than it is. C'est la vie, I s'pose! I'll keep my eyes peeled for some weird shit to share. That's the cool thing about weird shit...happens when you least expect it, eh? So long!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Oh, I'm I being a bit too gushy for ya?

Tony decided to mock me recently on his blog. (It's always all in good fun, so the sting of the mock only lasts a quick moment, I assure you.) But lemme tell ya, buster, your g.f. gushes a bit now and then about her love for ya, and I've never seen you make fun of her. Just sayin'...

Got some new readers...

Just wanted to say that I had to delete a comment from my post about my voice over demo appointment. Don't mean to offend, but please don't come into my blog space to postulatize about religion. This is a religion-free zone, m-kay? (For the record, I'm Catholic, I love my faith, I dig my Lord and his son, Jesus. But I don't talk about it on my blog because it's not fun or funny to discuss religion. And I try to keep things fun and funny around here.) And I'm glad you like my blog. But the links to your own webpage? Yeah, that was too much...I'm not advertising for some other religion-based blog on my blog, sorry. It's like me going out to a political blog and putting a link to my blog in the comments, hoping to get readers that will find me that way. I'm a social blogger. I talk about my life, my loves, my hates, the shit I'm going through right now, the things that crack me up, and the things that make me happy...not politics, or religion, or war, or any of that stuff...draws a different crowd that wouldn't be interested in the things I say, mostly because of the amount of cussing I do. :)

Thanks for respecting and understanding. Go forth and love the world...

Now, this guy? Yeah, he can go ON with his bad self...go read his poetry. He's very good. Day Dreamer, thanks for dropping by and telling me you like my blog. Your poetry is amazing, from what I've read so far. I'm glad you said hello!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Go ahead...ask me how freaked out I am!

I'm really doing it. I just made my appointment to record my voice over demo. The 11th of August. 4 p.m. Downtown KC.

Holy. Shit. :D

I do NOT believe this shit...

The coworker that I'm not all that happy with right now? Yeah, she's on vacation, and will be out today, tomorrow, and Friday. (Any takers on my bet that she won't show up on Monday until noon, if at all, due to some catastrophic event such as one of her kittens losing a tail, or sun poisoning, or a kid throwing up? 'Cuz I can guarantee that's gonna happen...I'll update when it does.) She just wrote me a note looking for her admin (who is also out today), and then told me that the hotel they're staying in is a nightmare, and can she "bribe" me to help her out with this?

Um, 'scuse me? Since when do you go on goddammed vacation, to a town I've never been to, no less, and then ask me to help you find a new hotel because the place you booked at originally wasn't up to the proper standards you set for yourself? (Yeah, hi's a "Best Western", you couldn't see that coming?) WHILE I'M AT A PLACE CALLED WORK DOING JUST THAT!!! (Well, except for this very minute, during which I'm still on my lunch hour, and if I didn't post this, I would surely walk out. Seriously.)

Ass. Hole. Go fuck yourself. And do it with a nice, big promotion, why dontcha?

The deed has been done.

The new boy came over and cooked me dinner last night. I...just..gah. I can't believe what some people are able to do with food, is all. I mean, I defrosted some frozen cod I'd bought last week, had some fresh green beans and a couple of russet potatoes lying around, and he managed to turn it into The Best Thing Cooked in My Kitchen, EVER! I have left-overs for lunch today. :)

Ironically, I've lost 6 pounds since I started hanging out with new boy. But then again, last night was the first night he ever came over and made dinner for me. Usually when we're hanging out, I eat some hummus with pita, or I just drink a few beers. So it makes sense that I'd be losing a bit...especially as I've been keeping up with workouts at least 3 times a week. That helps, I've found.

And just on a side note, this whole cooking thing? Yeah, confuses the hell out of me. I saw what he did last night with the fish, I watched it all happen over his shoulder. But could I ever reproduce what he made for me? My best guess is HELL no. If I tried to make what he made last night, I'd burn the green beans while they were sauteing, the fish would come out mushy and over-spiced, and the potatoes would probably wind up gluey. Why can't I cook?

I can bake chicken and turkey like a motherfucker, though. That I'm sure of. Oh, and you would die if you tried my brownies. They're that good. You'd just keel over with happiness, honestly. (Mmm...brownies...)

But he's my boyfriend now. Not only because of the cooking thing, I assure you. (Although that is a fabulously wonderful extra bit of stuff...) But because (a) we got it on last night...and HOW!, (b) we want to spend all kinds of time together, all the time, and (c) we really, really like each other. Dude, the other night, when we were done playing pool, we sat down at the bar and had a couple more drinks, and sang Sublime's "Santoria" at each other. We're disgustingly cute.

I really thought I'd have to wait until I was about 60 to meet someone that I'd click like this with. Honestly. So I'm sorry to keep talking about it, but it's what's going on in my life, and I'm happy, so nyah. I'll go find some random news story later that makes me wonder what the fuck is going on with the world, and rant and do all that good stuff in another post. Promise. ;P But, hey, I had great sex. Congratulate me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Well done, 96.5...well done.

I am sooo happy that 96.5 the Buzz is starting to branch out a bit. They've started playing more and more new, unusual stuff. Stuff that people clearly like (such as The Killers "All These Things That I've Done", which they are playing again right now, and I get so PSYCHED when I hear them playing that song!!), and which they need to give a chance to more often.

If you are listening, oh ye who decide the playlists at that station, let me give you a quick tip: Arcade Fire. "Neighborhood #3 (Power out)". That is all.

Ambidexterity and Bass Ale, baby.

Played pool last my ass kicked in 4 out of 5 games. It was lovely. (And for the record, I almost won game 5...but I scratched on my 8-ball shot. I was aiming for a corner pocket, and succeeded instead in knocking the 8-ball into one of his remaining balls, and knocked it into the corner pocket instead. He was going to give it to me, but I don't play like that...I knocked the 8-ball in on my next try. Didn't count, IMO.)

I realized when the boy and I were walking through an old used book store at one point that I wasn't listening to a story he was telling me about his reasoning for wanting to buy a certain book. And that freaks me out. What caused me to tune out? I need to focus more. Because even when I do hear his stories, I tend to forget little details of certain things he's already told me...not sure if it's a stress thing, or because much of the time we're hanging out together, we're having a few beers, or what. But it's bothering me, so I'm going to start working on that.

I'm forgetting all kinds of little things lately, actually. Work things (not crucial ones, mind you...) are spotty here and there, and the boss has to remind me to do something twice, usually, before I remember to do it. Of course, they're menial and stupid tasks, so it's not a big deal, really. But it's bothering me that he has to remind me. (Not that he doesn't deserve it...he ignores my request for a raise/promotion for a few weeks, I think I can go ahead and lose a bit of focus. So there. :P)

I do it at home, too. I think to myself while I'm brushing my teeth, "Oh! I need to do something or other!" And then not 30 seconds later, when I'm done with the brushing, I can't remember what it was that I needed /wanted to do.

I think it could be that my mind is just in a different place right now, but I'm not sure. Again, since it's not happening to urgent, must-do issues, I'm not too concerned. But it is weird.

My mind is in such a lovely, wonderful place much of the time, though, that it's hard to care too much about bullshit little things that are getting forgotten here and there. It's going to be the ruin of me, I swear.

Monday, July 25, 2005

10 Things I Hate About You

1. I hate that I have to ask for a promotion, and that my worthless, cocksucking, asshole of a coworker got offered one about 20 minutes ago.
2. I hate that it only takes me about an hour to put away the filing I've needed to do for 7 months, and that I feel so stressed out about it until I do get it put away.
3. I. Hate. Babysitting. EVERYONE.
4. I hate the feeling it gives me to want to be someplace else, due to my extreme lack of dedication I feel at this point in time.
5. I hate the fact that even though I feel my dedication waning a bit, I'm still too dedicated to absolutely not care.
6. I hate that I care as much as I do.
7. I hate my dependency upon you, and my fear of leaving you.
8. I hate the stupid customers who think that we're here to do all the thinking for them about their goddammed own fucking finances.
9. I HATE hearing the phrase, "I thought I'd call you first, since you know everything..."
10. I hate that you make me hate you as much as you do. Why do you have to do it, work? Why do you have to make me hate you so much?

But mostly, it's that first one right now that's got me all worked up. I'm pissed. And it's a DAMN good thing I have a date tonight with the boy. Because that's something to look forward to at the end of this horrid day at this place I hate called "work".

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pushing the electronic envelope

It's about 250 degrees outside. So why do I have both my washer and dryer on, the light in the living room on, BOTH t.v.'s on, the AC going, and the fan in the bathroom on (I just dropped off a load of kids you wouldn't believe...honestly, I amaze myself sometimes) along with the light? Oh, and the computer. Obviously. Yeah, I'm an idiot. Gonna go turn some things off now...

Ok, now just the washer and dryer are going, the AC is on, and the t.v. in the living room, and the fan in the bathroom. So that's better, I think. I did some cooking earlier, so the stove was on a bit ago, but it's off now, so I'm good to go.

Dave was behaving like a retard at the Moose last night. (Yeah, yeah...I know.) I was sitting next to him, and his girlfriend was on the other side, and she was talking to the other friend of ours that was on her other side, and I had some dinner in front of me, and the other friend that was next to his girlfriend asked if he could have a fry. So I pass the plate to him, and warn him that I've been double-dipping in the ketchup. He ate the fry naked anyway, but then I set my plate down, and Dave takes my hand, extends my left index finger, tells me to "go with it..." as he dips my finger into the ketchup and sucks it off.

So I do what anyone should do, which is to be slightly embarassed, and then smack him on his arm and say, "Ew, man! What'd you do that for?" And he's laughing at his silliness, and not seeing the complete inappropriateness of it. And of course, his girlfriend is staring straight ahead, not thinking it's funny at. all. So he goes back to drinking his long island iced tea (#2 for the evening...which was part of the problem, I'm sure), and I start talking about how we all need to go see Wedding Crashers today, and asking if they'd be up for it. My girlfriend M hasn't been to the movies in far too long of a time, and Dave and his girlfriend are talking about how they've been wanting to see it, so I was pushing for it, and told them I'd look up the movie time today, and then we'll all work out when and where...

Shit. M and her boyfriend just called, and they are out on the movie thing. Dammit. Oh well...I guess I won't be going to the movies today, then. Because I think the last thing Dave's girlfriend would want to do today is have me tag along to watch a movie with them. Anyway...

At one point when his girlfriend had gone to the bathroom, I asked Dave if he thought it was ok to be doing what he was doing (he also was pulling the dirty-old-man-reach-across-and-accidentally-brush-my-boob-with-his-arm trick...he did that at least twice. *sigh!*), and told him that his girlfriend looked a little bothered. He said that she knows that he and I are "good friends", so she knows he's just fucking around. I said, "Alright, whatever!" But then I could tell that she was bothered by it, because they started talking to each other in lower voices, and he's sitting next to me, so I could hear him pulling the whole, "...we're just good friends, you know?" thing, so obviously, she was bothered, and felt like he was being a dick. Good. I'm glad she called him on it. She wasn't mad at me, though, which just goes to show how cool a chick she is. Dave went to the bathroom at one point, long after the ketchup incident and boob-brushing moments, and she and I were talking about how she was nervous to meet his father today. I guess they were all going to brunch and she was meeting him for the first time, and all. I could understand where she's coming from. That would be a pretty big step with a guy like Dave.

After all my friends left for the evening, I waited for the boy to get off work, and then we sat and had a couple of drinks together, and decided to come home to my place after that. (He came over on Friday night, too...but we were able to sleep in a bit yesterday since he didn't have to work until 2. Today he had to work at 8, so there was the whole question of whether it'd be a good idea, since he had to wake up early, and blah, blah...yeah, we just moved on and came home finally, dammit.) I told him that this has been such a shock to me...I feel like I've been slapped in the face with a great big happy hand, or something. (Ok, I didn't put it that way, but I did tell him it was like I'd been slapped in the face in a good way. If that's even possible.) But I'm still hesitant. I'm still worried about too much too soon. I'm still bothered by the idea that all of the men that I've been interested in over the past couple of years have seemed just as into it as I was, but then I would stay there, and they would get over it somehow, and cool off, and feel smothered by my attention. And as much as he expresses those same concerns about whether he's being too much for me to want to deal with, or whatever, I still feel like I'm the one that could get shafted. Because it's always how it winds up working.

But he told me last night that I don't have anything to worry about. He's not going anywhere, he said. I rewarded him accordingly, and then we went to sleep, and woke up peacefully. (We sleep really well together, which is always important to me, because I love sleep more than any other comfort in life, and value it a great deal when I can get it. And when I can sleep well next to a new guy like that, it's just the happiest realization...) I laid on the couch and watched him put on his shoes. I asked him when we can get together again, and he thought for a moment, and then said Monday. Dinner. For two. I think he'd like to see me tonight as much as I want to see him. But we'll just hold off on that for now.

Anyway, it seems to be going well. And I'm still kind of shell-shocked by it all. I told him about what Dave did last night (he knows that Dave and I spent time together at one point), and he was wondering if maybe Dave is trying to assert himself on me because I'm seeing him. I don't know, though...Dave said last night that it seems like the boy really likes me. I told him that I really liked him, too, and that he treats me super-well, and he's one of the best people I've met in a long time. Dave said he was happy for me. And I think he genuinely is. But maybe he is a little jealous, and feeling a bit possessive, even though he never liked me as much as I liked him, and all, and he even has a girlfriend that he seems totally into. But Dave's rather weird, so who knows. The boy thought it was funny that Dave would behave like he had, but I could tell that it bothered him a bit to hear what had happened...I don't know why. I don't think he understands how the group dynamic works with the people I hang out with. M and Dave flirt all the time in a very open, brazen, and funny way. She has a boyfriend that sits there and watches it without batting an eye. (He's a really cool, very nice guy...) It's just a level of silliness that has always been fun for me when it comes to hanging out with Dave and M. We have the best time together when it's just the 3 of us. And maybe Dave's girlfriend will come to realize it eventually, and I can try to explain it to the boy, but really, it's all just play. There's nothing wrong with being able to play with your friends. If it makes them feel happy, then everyone should win in the end. Because we're all going home with our respective partners, and that's what matters.

Ok, this is getting far too long...yesterday was just a day packed full of interesting stuff overall, I guess. I don't know what to do with myself right now...maybe go to the store and pick up weekly food? I need to go in the office, but I really don't want to, so that's not likely to happen. I don't know...I'll work it out without having to bore y'all with the details. Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Look out...I'm a pile of mush.

Why do I think that there's something wrong with me because I like a new guy? I keep thinking to myself, "Seriously, there is something wrong here. What is UP with my head?"

Um, hello dumbass Faith. Maybe this is what it's like to feel happy?

Yeah...that could be it. I mean, I am in the BEST mood all the time. I'm being ultra-silly in my e-mails, I'm able to hold it together in a conversation with the New Manager to the East about his freaking pain-in-the-ass-to-get upfront bonus payments, and I don't even care much that I have a weird toothache right now, I'm so fucking perky. I sent my co-worker home, because she was sick, and could barely hold her head up she felt so shitty. And I don't care that I'm in the office alone this afternoon, when regularly it stresses me out to a point that makes me really very bitchy.

But I don't feel like being bitchy. I feel like spreading the love. I'm so, so, sooo damned happy. I never knew it could feel like this. Not at all. I have a really good feeling about this. Of course, it remains to be seen as to whether or not that feeling is onto something, but in the mean time, this is gonna be good. I just know it.

Sorry to keep spewing like this. I just can't hold it in. But I swear it's like I'm a whole new person, and it is freaking me out. Just a little bit. ;)

Toothpicks holding the eyelids open...

So tired. But, oh so happy...:)

They gave me a Coke in the drive through this morning at McDonald's. Ok, I order a large Diet Coke, easy ice, and this woman somehow interpreted that as sounding like a large Coke? Since her job is pretty much hearing orders as people give them, and then taking their money for their food, you'd think she might need to be sure she can do more than just half of that job, right? I don't know. I mean, just the syllabic content alone in the phrase "large Diet Coke, easy ice" should send up a flag that I did NOT order just a "large Coke". Big difference, as far as I can tell. But oh's too late now. The Coke is gone, I'm more thirsty than I was when I started drinking it, and it's time to drink some water and move on with the day.

Hung out with the new boy again last night. I told my friends that we're dating, too...somehow, they hadn't picked up on it from seeing us together lately. But they're not the most perceptive guys, I guess. All my girlfriends had picked up in over a week ago. They're sharp cookies. The boys...not so much. Oh, and the boy got a haircut and was wearing a new shirt he'd bought earlier this week, and he looked so cute! He's turning out to be such a pleasant surprise for me. I didn't see it coming at all. And I'm kind of glad about that. :)

Gotta go to work. (Work all night. Search for the underpants, ay...)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

My car is melts from the inside out.

Ok, just so y'all know, you should try to avoid ever purchasing a 2002 or 2003 3-series BMW if you live anywhere where the car might be exposed to regular heat of 90 degrees or more. Apparently the 3-series from both those years (and probably before then, but I really don't care about BMWs that exist before mine was created) tend to have problems with being able to deal with the heat when it comes to their interiors. Mine is falling apart regularly...I've been to the dealer 3 times in the last month and a half. But it's ok. It's a nice dealership. (Hell, I'm online right now in their waiting room, drinking a Diet Coke from a fountain that I can access as often as I want, and I'm able to work or blog or watch t.v. or read a magazine or wander about and drool over the new models in the showroom, etc...Plus, the guys who work in the service area of BMW are adorable! So, that's fun...)

Anyway, I've arranged to park in the covered parking area for my building from now until at least mid-September while I'm at work, which should help. I'm thinking it's the super-hot sunlight that's doing it, so cutting back on the car's exposure to that sunlight should keep me from having to visit the dealership again for another long while. Thank goodness I'm still under warranty!

So tonight is $1.50 beer night at the Moose, and I'll be meeting the new boy there eventually (probably about 5 or so, depending on when I get out of the dealership...). He didn't have to work today, except for a meeting earlier this morning, so it's nice that he wants to meet me there, even on his day off. (He's been there for the last 8 days in a row!) But, since what we tend to do is sit and talk while we have drinks, we might as well do it someplace where we're comfy and the drinks are super-cheap, right? Right. (Oh, did I forget to mention that he works at the Moose? I think I did. I'm pretty sure that no one that works with him/knows him reads this blog, but if they do, I hope they'll keep their mouths shut about it. Please.)

I haven't heard from the Yahoo Personals guy since last week, so I think he's just worked himself right out of the equation. He could just be super-busy, though, but after another week passes, I'm sure he'll have lost any chance with me at all. I think about this new guy pretty constantly, anyway (when I'm not thinking about work, that is), so I think it's all working out for the best. I just wanted to keep things mellow this time, and it would have helped to have been seeing a couple of people at the same time. But I'm sure I can just flex my abilities at controlling my emotions...maybe. We'll see. He's not doing that great a job at controlling himself...he's very open about what a good mood he's been in because he's so happy about us, and how excited he is to see me tonight, etc...It's really sweet, and I love hearing it. We'll have to wait and see what happens...

Ok, gotta run and check work e-mail again, and then read some blogs I haven't been able to get to today. Thanks for all the feedback regarding the weird noise at the Twin's house that I posted on Wednesday night. It's pretty clear that most people think it's just about the creepiest, but it's always nice to know if someone knows if it's actually a technical problem with the camera, or something, too. Although, it doesn't seem to have been, from what we can see so far...

Happy Thursday night, all!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Watch this clip...tell us whatcha think.

So, the Twin sent me this little clip of her dogs playing in her house. It's a video clip, so click on it, wait for it to load (it's large...but even on my ancient piece of shit home computer, it only took about 2 minutes to totally get going), and turn up the sound. Here's the question we have for you: About 1 minute, 10 seconds into the clip, her beige dog (a.k.a. "Mr. Puppy") jumps up on the couch. Her black dog (a.k.a. "Phoebe") follows him and continues to kick his pussy ass. (Which he loves, btw.) As Twin zooms in on them, you can hear them growling a bit, but there's also an "extra" growl that can be heard. Right after that, there's a loud screeching sound that comes across in the video clip. This sound has a slight echoing noise to it that my Twin can't manage to reproduce, nor can either of her children. The dogs didn't make the sound either. Oh, and no one heard it while they were filming this clip. It's not the t.v. (The Twin and her girls were watching PeeWee's Playhouse on DVD while she was filming the puppies at play, and they've gone back over the episode they were watching, and tried listening for this sound, but it wasn't from PeeWee, either, they've found.)

So, what the fuck is it? My personal opinion (as I believe in paranormal activity) is that it's someone who happens to have stumbled across The Mayhem That is My Twin's House from another dimension, and couldn't take all the activity that was happening at one time, screeched at the thought of being trapped there forever, and then hurried back along to the dimension it belongs in before it got stuck. But I'm silly like that. And I can relate to the feeling of wanting to escape the mayhem.

Really, the Twin would love opinions, so download the clip, enjoy the gentle puppy silliness, and listen for the funky screech. (Twin believes there are other sounds as well, but I can't slow the clip down with the version of media player I have, and so I can't catch what she's able to hear.) Comment away on what you discover/think/hear. Oh, and the puppies are really very cute. It's worth it to at least check them out, I think. :)

It's all a blurry mess...

I don't know what's up. I constantly find myself sitting here, staring straight ahead, with a stupid little smile on my face. Am I stupid? I don't know. It remains to be seen, at this point.

If it weren't for this pesky "work" thing I have to do each day, I'd be even more of a bubblehead, so I can be grateful for that.

Ok, but what constitutes "game playing" when it comes to dating and getting to know someone better? Here's my deal: the one guy I'm seeing is a very cool guy. (Kind of surprised about it, but I won't get too far off the point by going into that...) We've gone out a couple of times now, we hang out at the Moose on the weekends, we talk and talk and have a good time together. Ok, so there's that.

Then there's this other guy that I've "met" through Yahoo Personals, right? He's perfect for me in every way. On paper. :) I haven't spoken to him yet (just e-mails thus far), and I don't know when we might do so, or when we might get together. But I know I'd like to. At least, I've been thinking I'd like to. (We like the same music, places, food; he's funny, successful, close to his family, and he's darling in his really would be nice to meet him.)

And therein lies the problem. Because I've been actually hanging out and chatting with this other guy, I feel like if I started dating someone else right now, it'd be playing some sort of game. And I'm not really into that so much.

But people do it all the time, right? I mean, date a couple of people at the same time? Maybe I should make sure that the dates with the one boy get more spread out, or something. It's not that I don't like this guy that I'm currently hanging out with, but both of them sort of popped up at the same time, they both seem good for me in their own way, and I guess I'm really tired of the whole jumping in and out of relationships thing right at this moment. So keeping things a bit casual for a while with a couple of different people seems like a good idea.

It seems like a ridiculous time to tell the one boy I've gone out with a couple of times that I want to keep seeing other people, because, well...we've only gone out twice, really. So why would I say something like that?

I don't know...really just talking out loud here. Sorry for the babbling. I'm just spacey, and dreamy, and confused all at the same time. It makes it hard to enjoy the happiness, is all. And just what the fuck is making me so happy? I don't get it...

I think way too much. Can someone find the off switch for my brain, please?

Oh, and don't go commenting that I must not like the guy I'm seeing at all if I'm thinking of dating someone that I haven't even met yet. Because that simply isn't true. I do like the guy I've been seeing. He's just a really great person overall, and it's so damned refreshing. But it's hard to explain where I'm coming from on this...fear of the too much too soon thing happening again. But then there's the fear of the loss of it all if I push it the wrong way.

Ok, seriously, where is the off switch? least I can find one for this post. ;P

Monday, July 18, 2005

Busy as...hotter know how it goes.

So, my work life has degenerated into a rather hellish place to be. The building hears my request for cooler air with the enthusiasm of a rock, my boss has little to no integrity, but I have to keep on keeping on in order to get a paycheck, and my work piles up more and more each day. I talked to my dad yesterday a little bit (we don't talk very often...I just don't see the point, since I don't have anything new to tell him. If I called him more than once in a blue moon, we'd have conversations that'd be sorta like the following: "Hey dad! What's new with me? Hm...well, the last boy I dated ditched me as soon as I fucked him, I can't wait for football season to start, and it's hotter than a camel's tit outside!" Yeah...not good, eh?) and I told him about how I had asked for a promotion and a raise, and that my boss is dragging his feet a bit. (I knew he would, by the way...I just didn't know it'd be this bad.) Dad basically told me that I can find someone who will appreciate my abilities if this joker isn't going to see me for what I'm worth. Rock on, dad! Don't you know it, man!!

But then I told him about how I've figured out how much it'll be to make my voice over demo, and that I'll be going in to record soon (I realized I wanna practice a bit more, so I haven't called to make the appointment yet), and he was all, "So you really want to make a go of that, hm?" Yes, indeed I do, dad. It's what I want to do for a living, yo. "Well, don't quit your day job!"


I've always loved how supportive my dad can be of the things I want to pursue. I mean, I think that I could say I want to be a lion tamer for the circus, and he'd probably be more enthusiastic about it than he is about my desire to do voice overs. Why? Because it'd be good exercise. I don't know...he's just a nutty little guy like that. I'm used to it, so I can hear him say shit like that to me, and not have it effect me too much, really. Hell, I grew up wanting to sing opera, for chrissakes! Those 4 years while I studied and planned to go to college for it were very tough ones for me when it came to how supportive (or not supportive, as it were) my dad was about my decision. So I grew a thicker skin, and learned to deal with the comments and ribbing. I know he loves me and wants the best for me, and wants to see me continue to succeed and survive on my own. I know he knows that's what I want too. That's all that matters.

So, tonight is sushi with the new boy, which I'm looking forward to. But in the meantime, I have 4 more hours of work, and a conference call that starts in 15 minutes, and then another 2 hours on the phone with the new group in St. Louis that need to be entered into the HR system, and then hopefully I can spend some time cleaning up my desk! I think I might find the lost city of Atlantis on my desk, if I dig deep enough. Honestly...for someone that's usually pretty organized, my ass is a fucking mess right now.

Ta ta, mes amis!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

It's just too damned hot outside.

I can't get worked up about anything today, it seems. It's about 150 degrees outside, and so I'm forced to remain indoors, and I'm really getting quite bored. I've vacuumed, and done a load of towels in the laundry, and I even went to the supermarket earlier today to load up on supplies for the week. I bought an edge-trimmer yesterday at Home Depot that I'd like to put together and give a try, but it's just impossible to go outside at this point without becoming a large puddle of sweat. I might run the spinkler in a little bit. Maybe that'll cool things down. I have my A/C set at 85 in the house, and it's constantly staying on, that's how hot it is. And it feels comfy at 85! It's just insane.

I've had a good weekend overall, though. That movie I went to on Friday, "Wedding Crashers" was so very funny, I would recommend it to anyone who needs a good laugh right now. I'm not giving anything away. But those of you who've happened to see it, let me know what your favorite scene was. I think mine was when Vince Vaughn's character was tied to the bed. A lot of people I talk to who've seen it seem to also enjoy the dinner table scene, and I have to agree, it's a close contender in my book! Laughing that hard was such a welcome feeling. Damn. :)

Things are going fine with the boy I went to the movie with, btw. We sat and talked all night last night, did a little smooching by my car before I went home, and we're going to dinner tomorrow night, which should be fun. I'm continuing to talk to the other guy that's interested right now, too, though. He and I have a LOT in common, and I still want to get to know him a bit better before I do anything else. That's all I want to say about any of that. (I am having fun, though. Which is nice...)

I do so want October to be here, already. I can't wait for Fall. Football, and shorter days, and less's gonna be so great! Too bad it's still at least a month and half away. GAH!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Chester Cheeto pats Evil Bendy on the back...

I have a wee bit of a hangover. I'm tired, is the thing...would have liked to have slept for about another 2 hours, and I'm sure I would've been more refreshed than I am. But I couldn't. So I'm not. I'll take a nap when I go home, I s'pose.

This always happens to me, though. I go to the Moose for $1.50 beers on Thursday, I plan on hanging out and having 2 or 4, and then I wind up talking to someone, and I have serveral more than I initially intended, and stay much later than I should on a school night. *sigh!* I hate being old. And fat. I'm really tired of the fatness. Just thought I'd throw that in.

Anyway, I was talking to one of the new interested parties last night (we're going to a movie tonight, by the way...), and just let time get away from me. Plus, the peoplewatching is stupendously spectacular on Thursdays at the Moose, so that makes it harder to tear myself away as well. I don't know. I'm an idiot. End of story. :)

So that's it for now...I'm just tired and feel like shit and a half. Thought I'd share.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Did I leave the gas on?

As I drove the last stretch towards my house down my street last night on my way home from work, I passed by a squirrel that was crouched in an odd position at the base of a tree. It looked like he was having a meeting with Mr. Brown. And I immediately thought to myself about how odd it was that I never had seen a squirrel taking a dump or peeing, or what have you. Where do they go? All those times when they're crossing the road, and they stop for a moment in a random spot, are they actually taking a leak? Should we worry as we hang out below a tree that a squirrel might suddenly drop a load on us as we picnic peacefully beneath the branches they're on? I mean, I've grown up in squirrel-laden areas (Lake Arrowhead, California is full of the buggars...), and I can honestly say that I wouldn't know a squirrel poop if I came across it. Which is weird to me.

Has anyone ever seen a squirrel shit? Or pee? And what does the shit look like? Is it pellet-shaped, similar to what a rabbit's might look like?

Don't ask me why this topic is bothering me, but it is. So help me out if you know anything about squirrels.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The devil's own...

I am having the best hair day I've had in a long ass time.

Too bad that Satan himself is trying to reincarnate himself through my personality today. I don't know what the hell is up, but it's not good. I'm getting angry with everyone about everything. I took a break and went to get a soda, and blasted some music in my car, and that seems to have helped a teeny bit. But outside of avoiding all coworkers, my boss, the new team we're trying to bring on board, and anyone else that breathes, I can't figure out how to control this nastiness that's edging up in me.

PMS, thou hast arrived far too early. Back the fuck off, and come back next Tuesday after I leave the office, mkay? A full 6 days of this sort of bullshit will. not. cut. it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's just not right...

This morning, I saw a Walmart commercial that was openly discussing selling back-to-school supplies, and how they're already on sale, and they have good prices, and blah, blah, blah. Um, did I just stumble through July, and enter into the middle part of August without noticing? Because WTF, Walmart? Can we just let the kids have fun for another month without freaking them out like that? Granted, there probably aren't a whole lot of kids that saw the commercial, as it was playing during a 7 a.m. segment of Good Morning America, but one never knows! Just relax...summer still has at least another month to go. Let the kids deal without the back-to-school supply commercials for at least another 3 weeks, mkay?

I slept like a rock last night. Went to bed super early, too, which was what I needed after a night like I'd had the night before. Wasn't able to get up and work out like I should have this morning, though, so I'll need to make up for that during the rest of this week.

My massage seems to have done the trick. I'm sore still, but now it's from all the rubbing that was done on the icky spots that were all built up. I've got a bit of bruising, too, but it makes sense, and it was worth it.

By the way, since I haven't mentioned it, and some people may be wondering (not many, but a couple, I figure...), I'm completely over the new boy that slept with me and then dropped me as quick as he could. I've deleted all contact info for him, and am happy to say that he can kiss my plump 'n pretty white ass. Two new interested parties have since stepped up to the plate, so I'll be giving them my attention from here on out. I think it was easy to move on as quickly as I did because I only knew the new boy for a short period of time, really. We'd only been talking for about a month and a half before we met, and although he didn't pull his fabulous disappearing act until after 2 dates and 1 romp in the hay, it was only 2 dates and 1 romp, you know? Not that big a deal, considering. It wasn't like we'd been spending weekend after weekend together, and walking down the street all tra-la-la holding hands and shit, right? So all in all, it was one of the easiest "relationships" I've had in a while.

And I will not be discussing the new interested parties until something actually develops. I'm not too sure on one of them, and the other one literally just popped up. But the good thing is that mr. ex-new boy didn't bruise the ego as much as he might think he did. It bounced back just fine, thanks. :)

Off to bed...boss is out of the office tomorrow, but a deal just blew up in our faces today, so I'm hoping I can help salvage it while he's in a meeting all day. Because I kick ass like that. And I really want that fucking raise. (I still haven't figured out if it's been completely boss is known for making promises he can't exactly keep, so I ain't holding my breath.) Night all!

Tired of this...

Misdirected anger is a shitty thing to have to deal with.

I'm here for you, if you can move past this being mad thing.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Found the happy place...

My new happy place is at the local salon/spa/beauty supply superstore...Greg was able to see me at 1:45 for a full body, 1 hour massage. And thank God that Greg is as good as it gets when it comes to massages therapists.

Ick. I'm starting to feel a bit gucky, though. Which will happen when you release that many toxins into your system, like I did while Greg rubbed on me. I'm drinking water, but I feel a bit spacy, and just...well, not good right now. I might try eating some rice. That could help...

So hopefully the massage will help my upper back issue. If not, then I might try accupuncture next. We'll have to see. (I'm not into the chiropractic thing...went to one for a couple of years when I was younger, but just didn't see the major difference in what it did for my back, really. Maybe I was seeing the wrong one? I don't know...)

Back to work now. Feel like I've missed 3 days in a row at this point. But you know what? I don't care. Which is the beauty of a full body, 1 hour long massage...

Find a happy place! Find a happy place! Find a happy place!

"Finding Nemo" has been on Encore lately. I love that movie. Unfortunately, it wasn't on at all during the weekend. But that's ok. I watched it twice last week...that should hold me for a while.

Ok, how can one sleep so wrong that your back/neck gets tweaked so very badly that you wake up at 11:30 at night, and feel like you need to take your ass to the emergency room, it hurts so bad? How does just sleeping wrong do that to you? Huh? I'm at a loss. But I apparently successfully "slept wrong" on Saturday night, woke up feeling a bit sore on Sunday, and it got worse throughout the morning, so I tried applying heat and taking Advil, but then I had to mow the lawn, and I knew that would just piss it off again. And it did. By the time 9:30 rolled around last night, I was tweaked so bad, I didn't know what I was going to do. So I tried more heat applying and took a dose of Advil. And then I climbed into bed at 10:30, and tried to ignore it. But that wasn't happening, apparently. I woke up at 11:30, frozen solid from mid-back up to my neck, and I hurt! Oh, I hurt soooo bad! I applied more heat, cursed my back for being such a dick, and tried all sorts of different positions. Nothing worked. I finally took another dose of Advil, hoping it wouldn't set off my stomach into spasms as well (I had just taken 4 Advil only 2 hours before...another 4 might not've been the best idea, but I really had no choice), and was able to fall asleep about 20 minutes later. I woke up this morning, and everything felt normal again. A bit sore, but not so utterly painful and immobile, like it had been last night.

Right now, it feels like it's on fire. AUGH!!

I hate getting old.

Oh, and if the Twin is reading this, yeah, I'm sorry. You called at a very bad time yesterday, you didn't make much sense to me, and I was hungry and very tired, and still had the backyard to mow. My back was on fire, and I didn't have any time to explain any of that before things got icky on your end. Hopefully you're feeling better today. But there's not much I can do or say that'll help. I'm sorry your ex-husband is an asshole. I'm sorry that you have to face so much all alone. But you gotta do what you gotta do. And you're the right person to do it, man. So hang in there. Not that this helps at all, but if you don't accept my phone calls, what else can be done, eh?

I'm going to go find some help for my back now. See y'all latahhhh...

Friday, July 08, 2005

Popes in a Volkswagon!

This is a slow day. The slowest day ever, in fact. The power just went out in our building a bit ago, proving that electricity is even tired of dealing with the slowness of this day, and simply gave up for a while. (The best part about that is that the power outage caused the AC to go off, and they have to go to the roof to re-set it. In the meantime, we sit in our offices and bake. It's great!!) The power is back on, obviously. But the day didn't speed up any because of it.

I really have nothing to talk about, so I won't go on and on, as usual.

Jeezy, it's hot in here. I hate this day...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dear Lord...

We're all thinking of you, London. Hang in there...

**Update - The Twin called to ask me if I'd heard from bro-in-law lately, and asked me if I knew if he was in London right now or not. Dammit, I'd completely forgotten that he lives there half the time these days! So I wrote him an e-mail, asked him to let us know if he's ok, left a message on his cell that he has in the US, and set up my cell service to be able to call internationally, which I should be able to do in about 3 hours, it seems.

Twin has since called to let me know that she spoke to our sister, and bro-in-law is in London, and he has sent our sister an e-mail letting her know he's ok, but that many of his employees ride the tube, and he's not sure who's where or what's going on right now. But he's safe, thank goodness. His flat is a short distance away from one of the explosion sites. Not sure which one, but I'd imagine he'll tell me all that sort of stuff as soon as he gets his wits about him and is able to respond to my note.

Bro-in-law happened to be on a flight from Boston to New York on 9/11, and he was diverted to Washington D.C. when everything started to happen. I thank my lucky stars that he was on a flight that was short, and not one of the cross country flights, but again, just a bit too close to terrorist activity for my comfort. And now here we are again with the proximity to the terrorism.

Yeah, I don't think I'll be travelling along side of bro-in-law ever. Just to be safe.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Housesitting geography

I'm housesitting this week. (Which I know I've mentioned before, but some people miss certain things - a la Lyn who missed the fact that when I said the new boy and I had "a good amount of fun" on Friday, I was clearly implying that we had indeed "done it" - so I like to be repetitive to be sure...did I mention that the new boy and I had sex on Friday? Which was the night before he failed to cancel our date by calling me early in the day/evening? And then told me that he wasn't blowing me off, and he doesn't play games? And then he continued to blow me off? Yeah...oh, and really, it wasn't all that important, sex-wise. It had been a while since his he last had sex, he said. So as soon as it was in, we were done. Nice, eh?:) (Oh, and the comment about Lyn above was not a dig at Lyn. I know that I was allusive about the sex that was had. So I'm just bein' foonay about it. Because it's all I've got, people.)

Aaaaaannyway, the people I'm housesitting for are old friends, and I feel like their house is my little vacation home 10 minutes away from my actual home. It's just fun to be in a different spot for a little while, even if it is only 5 miles away, because I have kitties to chat with, and get to use a power supply that I don't have to pay for (don't worry...I'm not all "turn on every light; crank the A/C down to 55 degrees; all the t.v.'s on at once, muthafucka!" about it, or anything...but I'm not at my house. So the power bill there is getting a bit of a rest, is all), and they put a t.v. in their bedroom since the last time I stayed there, and it's funnn! :)

And my fave new thing they have is this shower-curtain liner that is a great big cartoonish map of the world. So this morning, as I was shampooing, conditioning, and washing all the nooks and crannies, I was checking out the map. I didn't realize that Turkey was where it is! And New Zealand...DAMN that place is far away from the USA! And Greenland is HUUUUGE! I didn't want to get out of the shower, yo. I was very entertained. I'd highly suggest it to those of you that are a bit geographically challenged, as my friend that I'm housesitting for and I tend to be.

This will be my last night ever to housesit for this particular house. My friends bought a new house, and over the weekend, while I was in charge of keeping things as tidy as possible, someone came by, made an offer, and the friends accepted! I am so, sooo happy for my friends. I will miss this house, but the new one beckons, and I'm sure I'll be sleeping there come Christmastime. I'm pretty sure that it was my excellent karma that helped the house along in the sale, so I'm going to ask them for a small seller's fee in return. I mean, I got dumped over the weekend...something bad happened to me so something good could happen to them, is how I see it. I don't know how much to ask for, though. Or WHAT to ask for...I could use new ski boots, even though I haven't been skiing in about 8 years. Then again, maybe the karma exchange was enough for me. I mean, it could've been a worse exchange than me being dumped by new boy. I could've broken my neck on their stairs as the one cat they have likes to wind a curvy path down the stairs as I walk down them every morning, and almost trips my ass every fucking time. So I'm glad that isn't the bad for the good in this scenario. (New boy wasn't all that cute, anyway. Very funny and really sweet, but not very cute...and the sweetness kind of went away after he failed to return my messages I've left since we had sex. So really, he was just funny. Sort of.)

Ok, clearly my next post needs to be regarding my issues with bitterness. Look forward to that, won't you?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Broken record, dammit...

Ok, I know I've mentioned this sort of thing before, but it's been a while, and apparently the whole damned world wasn't listening the last time I said it, and I know it's not all listening right now either, but there are more of you than ever, so here goes:

You walk into the bathroom that has 3 stalls. The stall that is the farthest from the door (which is therefore the most desired stall, especially as it's the "big stall", a.k.a. the handicapped stall, etc...) is taken. The other 2 stalls remain open for you to choose from. And you choose...the one next to the one that's already occupied. (I've heard that this is a problem for men as well, when it comes to urinals. So I know that us ladies aren't alone...even if we do technically usually have a stall-wall in between us in our case.)

Ok, WTF is wrong with people who do this? WHY are you not leaving a "buffer stall" between the one that's already occupied and the one that you will soon be s(h)itting in? Are there so few of us on this planet that believe in the concept of not-encroaching-on-other-peoples'-personal-space? Are you the lady that breathes down my neck while in line at the grocery store, or the check out counter at The Limited, or while I'm waiting to board a plane? Why don't you leave the stall between us, so that I don't have to listen to you peeing right the fuck next to me?

Please help me understand. If you're one of these ladies, make your case, and I might be more understanding of it when it happens again. In the meantime, know that I'm about thisclose to actually saying out loud to you as you are sitting down, "What are you doing? Go into the next stall over, you dumbass!" And don't be surprised if you hear me say it.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Dust to dust...

The new boy has completely disappeared. Big shock? Nah. Still sucks, though.

Had a lovely day with my friends. Now I'm tired, and I want to brush my teeth, and go to sleep, and not think about anything any more. The kitties I'm housesitting with are awfully skittish about the fireworks, so I'm glad I can be here for them, really. The bunny seems perfectly fine, strangely enough, as he sits in his cage outside the window of the room I'm typing this in, looking at me as he chews on kibble or hay or what have you. I can see some fireworks lighting up the sky a short distance from here, and I hope the people that can see them clearly are enjoying them all that much more.

Tomorrow, I go back to work. And I can get back to thinking of something other than the fact that men hate me, and focus on my abilities rather than my shortcomings once again.

What is wrong with these guys, anyway? So, sooo frustrating.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

I see dumb people...

I recently saw a t-shirt that spoke volumes to me with what it said on it. It said, "Because without beer, things do not seem to go so well." Indeed. Gotta love it.

The weekend is mellow thus far. We just had a hail-storm move through, and it's looking like the storminess is going to be sticking with us here in KC for the rest of the day. Yesterday was so gorgeous, though, I'm willing to forgive the crappy weather today, if I must. I've never seen it just hail like it did a little bit ago, though. I mean, I've seen hail before, when it's been mixed in with rain. But the little patch that moved through here started out just hail, and then kept on hailing, and the hail just got bigger and bigger as it kept coming. Finally, it turned into rain, and the minivan that had pulled over in front of my house to get shelter from the large hailstones inder the branches of my largest tree was able to move along again. Thank goodness for my garage, is all I can say...

The new boy came to see me on Friday night, and then caught a cold, or something...we were supposed to get together last night, but he had to cancel, due to the stuffy head and general malaise. I'm hoping he feels better today, and that we'll be able to do something, but we'll have to wait and see, I guess. I was a little bit worried, actually, because we had a good amount of fun on Friday night, and it was unplanned, really. And then I didn't hear from him, and it was embarassing, because Dave was asking about it, and every time my phone rang when we were sitting having drinks on the patio at the Moose yesterday, he was all, "There he is!" And then it was my brother, or my friend Michael. So I finally left the Moose at about 7:20, came home and called the boy, learned he was sick and that we weren't getting together after all, and then I went back to the Moose to have a couple more drinks, order dinner to go, and came back home again at about 10:30. It was a good night, all in all. But I got whiny with the new boy...I saw it as a good sign that he answered his phone when I called him, but I was bothered by the fact that we had plans to get together, and he hadn't called to cancel by 7:30. It bothered me that I had to call him, even though he said he was getting ready to call me right then, anyway. It bothered me that we had done what we did the night before, and suddenly, he wasn't available to get together. I told him right out, "I'm never going to see you again, am I?" I mean, I went through this with the pilot last year. He was all over being with me...wanted to come visit, came to visit, we slept together, and had a really great 3 days together, and then he went home and we talked about him coming to visit again in a week, and then that didn't happen. And then it didn't happen the next week, or the week after that, and then he simply stopped calling. So I have no qualms about being up front with someone when it comes to shit like this. Don't jerk my chain, you know? Just tell me right out if you're going to move on, and it'll make the break that much easier. But the new boy swears that he doesn't play games like that, and I tell him I'm sorry for sounding freaky about it, but I don't play games either, and I just want to make sure that I'm not getting interested in something that's not going to happen, and he assured me that all was fine, and he simply didn't feel well, and then he said he'd call me today, and we hung up. So we'll see what happens. It's unfortunate timing, I'm sure. I'll keep updating accordingly. Because I know how fascinating it must be to watch my love life continually crash and burn as it seems to do. Not that I'm being fatalistic about this boy, or whatever is developing between us. Because he really does seem like he could work out for a bit, or even longer. So know that my hopes are for the best. But I'm just tired of getting all worked up only to be let down, is all.

And I'm really sorry that I ever told Dave about him. Because now he's all, "Invite him up! Tell him to come hang out with us!" And I told him yesterday that I'm not sure that's going to happen too soon, because I just started dating this guy, you know? I don't want to jinx it by talking about him (Dave keeps calling him my "BF", as though we're already boyfriend/girlfriend, which isn't the case, IMO), or whatever. And I really don't understand why Dave wants to meet him at all. Maybe he's just glad that I have someone to date, now that he's found someone else as well? Maybe he wants to see if he's better looking than the new guy I'm hanging out with? I don't know. Maybe he just likes having a new topic of conversation. But I shut it down, and he did respect that, which was good of him. Because it really sucks to see him sitting there with his new chick, kissing her, and talking about their little dinners and days out on the town, while I sit there waiting for the new guy to call, which he never did. *sigh!* So just not talking about it (except for out here, of course...) is my plan of action. We'll see if I can stick to that plan.

I'm off! Hope everyone is having a safe, fun 4th of July weekend!

Friday, July 01, 2005

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier...

96.5 the Buzz (DJ Jason, in particular) played my fave Killers song a little bit ago. I almost freaked out. Which proves that I have had waaaay too much caffeine thus far today, and need a depresant, such as beer or Malibu rum, as soon as possible to level things out. But it was fuckin' great that he played the song. Can't remember the name of it right now, because I'm not good at that sort of thing. The Twin will help me out in the comments...she knows what I'm referring to.

I'm also quite impressed by the fact that I have a reader in Portugal. I'm pleased that people from other countries enjoy reading my drivel...Anybody else wanna tell me where they're from? You can remain anon, if you want, but I'd love to know what kinds of places I'm getting out to. I don't have any way of tracking the info loaded into my blog, so all I can do is hope that I get a response from folks. Lemme know where you're at. It's fun for me, and that's all that matters...

Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend! I'm hoping to hang out with the new boy, and then hang out some more with the new boy, and then visit people at the Moose, and then hang out with the new boy some more. I'll let you know how it goes. Long weekends are the best!

Ta ta, muthafuckas!