Monday, July 25, 2005

10 Things I Hate About You

1. I hate that I have to ask for a promotion, and that my worthless, cocksucking, asshole of a coworker got offered one about 20 minutes ago.
2. I hate that it only takes me about an hour to put away the filing I've needed to do for 7 months, and that I feel so stressed out about it until I do get it put away.
3. I. Hate. Babysitting. EVERYONE.
4. I hate the feeling it gives me to want to be someplace else, due to my extreme lack of dedication I feel at this point in time.
5. I hate the fact that even though I feel my dedication waning a bit, I'm still too dedicated to absolutely not care.
6. I hate that I care as much as I do.
7. I hate my dependency upon you, and my fear of leaving you.
8. I hate the stupid customers who think that we're here to do all the thinking for them about their goddammed own fucking finances.
9. I HATE hearing the phrase, "I thought I'd call you first, since you know everything..."
10. I hate that you make me hate you as much as you do. Why do you have to do it, work? Why do you have to make me hate you so much?

But mostly, it's that first one right now that's got me all worked up. I'm pissed. And it's a DAMN good thing I have a date tonight with the boy. Because that's something to look forward to at the end of this horrid day at this place I hate called "work".


lyn said...

i just spent a bunch of time reading your last two posts.

i am so happy things are going well with you and the boy.

have a great dinner with him and chin up about work!

Girl From Ipanema said...


I'm glad you have a date tonight. I hope that it makes your bad day go completely away :)