Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Broken record, dammit...

Ok, I know I've mentioned this sort of thing before, but it's been a while, and apparently the whole damned world wasn't listening the last time I said it, and I know it's not all listening right now either, but there are more of you than ever, so here goes:

You walk into the bathroom that has 3 stalls. The stall that is the farthest from the door (which is therefore the most desired stall, especially as it's the "big stall", a.k.a. the handicapped stall, etc...) is taken. The other 2 stalls remain open for you to choose from. And you choose...the one next to the one that's already occupied. (I've heard that this is a problem for men as well, when it comes to urinals. So I know that us ladies aren't alone...even if we do technically usually have a stall-wall in between us in our case.)

Ok, WTF is wrong with people who do this? WHY are you not leaving a "buffer stall" between the one that's already occupied and the one that you will soon be s(h)itting in? Are there so few of us on this planet that believe in the concept of not-encroaching-on-other-peoples'-personal-space? Are you the lady that breathes down my neck while in line at the grocery store, or the check out counter at The Limited, or while I'm waiting to board a plane? Why don't you leave the stall between us, so that I don't have to listen to you peeing right the fuck next to me?

Please help me understand. If you're one of these ladies, make your case, and I might be more understanding of it when it happens again. In the meantime, know that I'm about thisclose to actually saying out loud to you as you are sitting down, "What are you doing? Go into the next stall over, you dumbass!" And don't be surprised if you hear me say it.


lyn said...

i find the farthest stall from anyone...it's common courtesy when you're not in a full restroom.

what is it with people who are all in other people's personal space? i can't stand it.

FaithsTwin said...

The bathroom is not the place I would feel comfortable saying anything to anyone. I don't know why, though. I'm glad I don't work in office buildings anymore.

I will full-on turn around to those people in lines and say, "Excuse me," as if something they have just touched me in order to let them know they are way beyond too close for either of our comfort. I also find that accidentally losing your balance and taking a step back, hitting them somehow, makes them back RIGHT OFF.

Maine said...


Duncan said...

Print this out (link below)and hang it on the bathroom door as a guide for those who need help in determining the proper stall to use.

Christy said...

Nasty....and yet, all sorts of women at my work do it, too. Apparently they have no idea that I don't want to hear (or smell, for that matter) why they are in the restroom.

And WTF is up with the people talking on the cell phone while in the restroom? The PUBLIC restroom?!