Friday, August 26, 2005

All kinds of jittery...

I suddenly feel like I did a line of cocaine. Not that I know what that feels like, per se, as I've never done cocaine. I'm all jittery and it's hard for me to focus. Is it because I just ate lunch at the Moose, then went home and had a lovely few moments to myself in my bathroom, and then came back to work on time? I only had 2 glasses of soda while I was at the Moose, so that can't be it.


I'd like it to stop it now, please. Feels really icky. Like all I want to do is run up and down the street for a couple of minutes, and then lie down on a couch and wait for it to go away. GAH!! It's sooo obnoxious!

Ok, I'll spare you guys the walk-through of whatever it is that's crawled into my bloodstream. Back to the report I was working on...

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