Friday, August 26, 2005

Back to normal

Ok, did I happen to mention that the building I work in right now is right across the street (Belleview) from that place I bagged on the other day called "The Drink"? Yeah, I sit right next to a window that overlooks the parking lot for the bar. It's a great building, by the way. The one where "The Drink" is, I mean. (The building I work in is cool, too, but mostly because of the fact that (a) the parking is free and a majority of it is covered, and (b) the other temp that's in the same little office with me discovered that we have the thermostat control in our office yesterday. So now we don't get so hot any more. Woo!) Anyway, the building is a large square one, and they've painted it red, and have all black wrought (sp?) iron fixtures like a spiral staircase and railings on the patio, etc. It's really my style of building, is the thing.

But, it does little-to-no buisness at all, from what I can see. Granted, I'm only here from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, but boyfriend and I were there at about 7:30 to 8 on Tuesday, and like I said before, there were about 3 other people there that didn't work there. And I'm pretty sure they knew the people that worked there. Even on a Tuesday night at the Moose, there are at least 15 people there at all times. And not just us regulars, I mean.

When boyfriend and I left, he made the comment that he wondered if "The Drink" is mafia-owned. Hmm...that was an interesting question, when I think back on it.

I just watched as Guido #1 and his girlfriend showed up to hang out at "The Drink". They pulled up in a little grey 2-door Audi, and walked to the VIP entrance (with Guido #1 stopping momentarily to yank Girlfriend over for a kiss...aww, so sweet! BLEH!). Moments later, they were walking back to their car, since "The Drink" doesn't open until 4 p.m., I think. Girlfriend leaned against the back of the car as Guido #1 wandered over to the side of the building that the patio is on (which has a great view, by the way). Guido saw that there wasn't an entrance he could go through on that side, and walked back to the car.

As he started to open his door, Guido #2 showed up in his dark-grey current-model Corvette. They talked for a moment, and then Guido #1 got in his Audi, Girlfriend shut her door, and they pulled out of the parking lot with Guido #2 following Guido #1 somewhere down on the Plaza, no doubt. Hell, many-a-bar is open and serving right now. They could probably go to Capitol Grille, or JJ's, or even Tom Fooleries for some pre "Drink" drinks, and then shoot back on up here once it's open again to spend inordinant amounts of alcohol for the rest of the evening.

Tony mentioned my comments about "The Drink" from the other day in a post he put up yesterday. He mentioned something about me having the "guts" to say what I'd said about the place. Which makes me wonder if my boyfriend is the only one that feels that there could be a dangerous connection between "The Drink" and our local mafia here in good ol' KC. (Yep...we have mob in town. Doesn't everyone? My old boyfriend, Dickhead, has a friend that is related directly to said mobsters, if that's still what you call them. They were really nice people, if that helps any...we spent Christmas with them a couple of years ago. Lovely home...really good food...they even let me watch the Laker game that was on that day, even though they weren't particularly fans of the team. Nice, nice people...)

All I can say is that the building is a wonderful one...the ambience was even rather nice, if not a bit too uppity in some ways. The bar stools were ridiculous. The ladies' room was just that...a room. Single toilet, and the door-handle was already broken, and there are several broken tiles in it as well. Which I found odd for a place that's been open for such a short time. (I think it's been there for less than 6 months.) This is my favorite part about the bar, though: they have a limo that sits down on the main part of the Plaza that offers free rides up to the bar during the evening all week. It usually sits there, and sits there, and sits there, from what I can recall from the last couple of times I've been down on the Plaza hanging out. So that doesn't work, either.

Anyway, I don't care if it's mafia-owned, or anything. They charge too much for their alcohol. WE AREN'T IN NEW YORK, DAMMIT!! A beer like Boulevard Wheat shouldn't cost more that $3.50 - $4.25, maximum. And that's definitely pushing it. Charge $4.50 for a Guiness, if you must. But keep the wheat lower than $4, if you know what's good for you. Dumbasses...

There you go, Tony. A full review without any pillow talk recon or boring boyfriend stories. Nyah. :P

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