Thursday, August 18, 2005

Diet lime vodka and pepsi...

Yeah. I'm a bit tipsy. Had a few at the Moose before heading home, and starting in on the fridge. I'm now drinking Diet Pepsi w/ lime and vodka. Just don't do it if you don't have to, is my advice. I wanted something, so I did it. Won't do it again any time soon, that's fo sho.

The retro-active alternative "radio" on my t.v. is playing Fascination Street, tho, and that's always fun. I'm smokin' a clove, and drinking my rank drink, and rolling through the blogs that I've been missing out on these last few days since I've been out of the office. Lyn sounds like she had fun on her road trip to Santa Cruz (love that town!), Lushy is trying to figure out what to give the ex for a b-day gift (I'm all for the blow-up doll thing, btw...:P), and Statia is in Florida...good job, girl! (It's a password protected blog...sorry!) The boyfriend's friend's wife said hello yesterday (didn't know she was into blogging! She's on Myspace, which is weird for me, and I hope I linked her right...), and I have to say that I'm glad that Julie is back up and running, and keeping us up to date on her activities.

God I love blogging. And Diet Pepsi w/ lime and vodka. It's growing on me, I think. Just needed a bit o' time, apparently.

Ooh! INXS is on now! "This tiiiiiime! Will be the last tiiiiiime! That we will fight like this! HEY!"

And since I've been trying to link and do all the "work" it takes to get this post where I want it to go, I've heard some Bowie, Cuture Club, and now Tears for Fears "Change" is up. Retro-active hasn't been this lovely in a while.

Ugh. I think I'll go pass out now. (Berlin's "No More Words"! Gonna sing that before hitting the sheets, baby...)


lyn said...

don't you love it when you can actually watch videos? i love vhi classic and am completely addicted to fuse these days.

vodka is the gift of the gods, i swear.

Lushy said...

Vodka is indeed the gift of the gods and I am very blessed. I think I've decided on a simple gift...a Black Sabbath double album and a pocket pussy. Just kidding about the pocket pussy. ;)

Hope you have a good weekend!