Monday, August 22, 2005

Hi ho...

My first day went just fine. I didn't have to go in until 9, which was nice, but I lost an hour on the pay that way, so I plan on making up for it later in the week during lunch times. The office is in a really stellar location with free parking, and the people there seem pretty cool, from what I saw today. Apparently, the last person they had on the job was a total waste of space, so they really appreciate my abilities and my eagerness to help them out. Cool. :)

Flip side, my dad is in the hospital tonight. He's been tearing away at his gallbladder for years, and it was bound to come time for him to have it out with the organ all together. Well, they fought all weekend apparently, and he went in today with the expectation of having the stones that had developed removed. But turns out they want to take the whole darned thing out instead. It's fine really. I'm sure he'll be fine. Problem is that he also has a disease called pulmonary fibrosis. It runs in his family...his mother died of it when he was 12, I think, and his brother died of it 2 years ago. (My grandpa died soon after my was a sucky time all together, really.) My dad and his younger brother also have the disease, although my father is in a more advanced stage of it. It's not a curable thing...he was given 5 years when they diagnosed him just before Christmas the year his brother died. So the fact that dad is spending the night in a disease-ridden area such as a hospital and he had to have a tube down his throat during the surgery and all is a bit freaky. Twin is keeping me updated. She's at the hospital now, and my older sister is flying in from Texas. I'm not sure why. She worries a lot. I just want to know if he's still planning on heading to the Vegas house this weekend, or if I can send him a card to let him know I'm thinking of him at our house in San Juan Capo. Am I bad kid for that? I mean, I think more along the positive line of things, really. I don't think it's frugal to go rushing out there to be by his side when he's having his gallbladder removed. I'm a dick like that sometimes, though. It's not that I don't love him, and wish that I can talk to him right this minute. It's more about the fact that I have faith that he's not done here yet. He's the strongest man I've ever known. It's really tough to get him down, so I'm pretty sure that this isn't gonna do it. Now, if he develops anything like pneumonia, or something, I'll be hopping on a plane. Because that's how my uncle died 2 years ago.

Anyway...gonna go think of other things right now. Buhbye!


FaithsTwin said...

Just seeing him all doped up in a hospital robe looking around like he was Elvis was classic. I wish I could recreate it for ya. You know how sick in the head we are when it comes to this sort of thing. People, my saying something like this is totally normal for us. I swear.

lyn said...

glad the new job was okay.

and hey, the gall bladder thing is a piece of cake. so stay positive. i get you on the other stuff though and you are right not to be reactionary and fly out just yet.

i'm sending the positive energy your way.

p.s. (the twin killed me with the description of your dad looking like elvis. good visual.)