Friday, August 26, 2005

I'm feeling a bit bland today...

Things are moving along as they should be right now. We had an amazing storm move through this morning just as I was waking up, which made shower-time fun (I'm afraid of lightening...don't make fun, it really is quite dangerous), but the lights stayed on, and all was well in the end. Lots of rain, LOTS of was a fun morning.

Now I'm at work, plugging away on all the different little reports they need to have run. All the numbers get a bit tedious after a bit, but we listen to music while we work, and the people here are really very nice, so the monotony isn't overpowering, and the stress comes and goes rather quickly when I think back on my status as a temp.

I'm such a bore right now! Life is in a lull is all. And I don't know how to make even the most ordinary and normal activities, such as cooking dinner, or something, sound as funny as an Eddie Izzard bit, a la Maine. (If you've never checked Maine out, do yourself a favor, and go. Go there now. Read up, and laugh, muthafuckas! He's soooo damned funny...) I'm just not that talented.

I will tell you all that I'm super-glad it's Friday, I have some fun shopping to do this weekend (including getting a key to the house for the boyfriend...aww yeah!), getting my hair done tomorrow (super-bright red again, which is bound to stand out at the interview next week. I kick such ass, I scare myself, even!), watching the Chiefs go up against Seattle on Saturday night, and loll about, possibly doing some yard work on Sunday. Should be a nice weekend. Oh, and boyfriend and I are planning on going to see the 40-Year-Old Virgin tonight, which is gonna be fun. (But it's a toss up for me...there's a random indy flick that finally got released at a local theatre, and I've been wanting to see that, too. Maybe I can watch it on Sunday at a matinee by's called Broken Flowers. Anyone seen it yet? Let me know...the reviews I've read have been stellar, so I really look forward to catching it. Bill Murray at his best, they say. Gotta love that guy...)

Happy Friday! Go forth and celebrate appropriately.

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you move fast.